TiVo: An Introduction for the Few Who Don't Know Yet

Written by Bear Cahill

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TiVo seems to have a better interface from what I've seen and what others have said. It's easier to use. However, ReplayTV is more easily hackable - you can access it fromrepparttar web andrepparttar 133376 PC easier to convert/archive shows, etc. I have a DVD recorder for this which is another post for another time.

Both can be made to do mostlyrepparttar 133377 same things, but you getrepparttar 133378 idea.

My Suggestion

I recommendrepparttar 133379 DirecTiVo Hughes HDVR2 (dual tuner) w/repparttar 133380 Triple LNB dish (this isrepparttar 133381 oval dish w/ 4 lines from it and it's HDTV ready). It's gotrepparttar 133382 satellite converter box built in so it's only one box to deal w/,repparttar 133383 TiVo monthly fee is less and it's dual tuner.

This model isn't as hackable as some TiVo's, but it can do some and if you want to go beyondrepparttar 133384 basics than you probably haven't read this far.






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Universal Remotes: Some Things to Consider

Written by Bear Cahill

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I'd sayrepparttar main drawback here is price. Once it's setup, you probably wdn't need to go online w/ it again for months (until you bought a new component to control) sorepparttar 133375 hassle is limited.

Finally, setting up any universal remote is going to involve some learning and this one is probably worth it as much or more thanrepparttar 133376 others if you're willing to spendrepparttar 133377 money.

Basic: Sony RM-VL1000

This isrepparttar 133378 remote I have and I love it. It's learning so it's really universal. It'srepparttar 133379 right size, weight and shape for either hand. It's got allrepparttar 133380 normal buttons w/o being too crowded, but also 4 buttons besiderepparttar 133381 LCD. You can program these buttons to be whatever you want and lable them what you want too. You can scroll thru 3 "screens" for these buttons so each component can actually have 12 buttons programmed inrepparttar 133382 LCD buttons.

It's preprogrammed w/ most common components and those settings userepparttar 133383 LCD buttons when necessary, but you can change any buttons programming as you wish.

It can control up to 12 components which is plenty for most people, but you can haverepparttar 133384 volume set to always controlrepparttar 133385 same device. I have my volume buttons always controlrepparttar 133386 stereo even ifrepparttar 133387 rest ofrepparttar 133388 buttons are workingrepparttar 133389 TiVo. Similarly, I have my power button set for my TV even when I'm workingrepparttar 133390 TiVo.

It has a built in 'power off' macro that turns all Sony components off. You can definerepparttar 133391 rest ofrepparttar 133392 macros yourself and even run them on a timer (I have it set my TiVo to standby every night).

It's a bit of a pain to setup, but once it's done you're set and it's so worth it.

And it's so cheap!


Take all things into consideration when shopping for a universal remote: is it learning, macros, timer, size, shape, weight, cost, buttons, setup, etc. What's important to you?


If you're willing to spendrepparttar 133393 money, I wd getrepparttar 133394 Harmony. Otherwise, I wd getrepparttar 133395 Sony VL1000 - it's (probably) harder to setup, but so much cheaper and a great remote.

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