Thump, Thump... Opportunity Knocks

Written by Joe Chapuis

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Do you see what I see? Let me spell it out for you:

Hundreds of millions of people with access torepparttar internet andrepparttar 119081 means to use it aren't online because they don't know how to use it!

Are you looking for business ideas? Do you understandrepparttar 119082 internet? Can you explain things so simply that it can be understood byrepparttar 119083 average (non-technical) person?

If you answered "yes" to those questions, then congratulations - you may be on to something. And if you just felt a sudden "whack" along siderepparttar 119084 head, don't worry, it was just opportunity knocking.

Wishing you much success...

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Discussion Boards! They Help You Learn As You Go!

Written by Joe Reinbold

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If you have a particular topic you are interested in, visit It has a directory of over 310,000 web forums. Just type inrepparttar topic you are interested in and clickrepparttar 119080 search button.

As you surfrepparttar 119081 Net and get more comfortable with your business efforts you will probably develop a couple of favorites. Here are a couple of boards that I go to on a regular basis either to browse, post or respond to items. These are all free and you don't have to log in or subscribe. They are not listed in any specific order.

1) BizWeb2000 CyberMarketing Board

This board is very active and has a lot of great info about online marketing and other areas. This is one of my favorites.

2) Internet Marketing Discussion Forum

Another board that can give you some insight and ideas inrepparttar 119082 marketing area.

3) Friends In Business - Scams 101 Message Board

This one is an active board too and usually has some great discussions about possible scams online.

4) Dog Byte Marketing Forum

This one deals with operating and managing your own online or offline enterprise and is a good source for answering some of those technical questions you might have.

These are just a couple ofrepparttar 119083 boards that you might want to bookmark and check out once and awhile or specifically if you have a question. Remember there are thousands of sources of information online now and you can have access to them for free. All it takes is a little research. And also, when you visit some of these boards, you will without fail, find leads to other resources you might be able to use.

Joe Reinbold, Owner & creator of The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link publishes a free weekly email newsletter "Home Income Quarterly E-dition" which is dedicated to assisting online marketers and entrepreneur. For a free subscription just or visit his site at

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