Thumb Drives - Great New Technology!

Written by Mike Burstein

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As a way to protect sensitive information,repparttar security of one of these drives can't be beat. It's in your pocket!

Their size belies a huge data storage volume;repparttar 133546 current sizes start at 16MB and go up to 1GB. The pricing on these devices is steadily falling, makingrepparttar 133547 purchase of one of these handy drives almost a must have item.

Check outrepparttar 133548 accessories at your local computer store or go online to get a really good deal.

For very little cost you can now conveniently move data between PC's just as easily as accessingrepparttar 133549 data on your internal hard drive.

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How to Market and Protect Your New Ideas

Written by Neil Armand

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By publishing an idea on an online forum,repparttar sellers receive automatic copyright protection provided under federal law. In addition, official copyright registration and patent rights can be obtained from appropriate authorities. A directory of Patent and Copyright Offices aroundrepparttar 133545 world is available at When a potential buyer contactsrepparttar 133546 seller for more information aboutrepparttar 133547 intellectual property,repparttar 133548 seller should requirerepparttar 133549 buyer to sign a non-disclosure agreement before revealingrepparttar 133550 details. Additional information on how to obtain a patent is available at

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