Throwing in the Towel

Written by Doug Bower

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Whenrepparttar State Department began issuing warnings of Americans being kidnapped atrepparttar 140746 Mexican border, Bill Conroy of Narco News looked intorepparttar 140747 matter. In my book, Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country, I record his investigation into this matter. The U.S. Embassy had NO kidnapping stats. Next, he filed a Freedom of Information Act request withrepparttar 140748 State Department, which revealedrepparttar 140749 same thing—Nothing!

There were no statistics of Americans being kidnapped atrepparttar 140750 Mexican-American border.

In a recent article by Tom DeWeese titled, The Real Disease is called Government; he makesrepparttar 140751 point thatrepparttar 140752 CDC reports a disinformation statistic of obesity-related deaths being 365,000 per year whenrepparttar 140753 truth turned out to be only 25,814.[2]

The State Department fabricated kidnapping statistics. The CDC fabricated obesity statistics. Then why is it not withinrepparttar 140754 realm of possibilityrepparttar 140755 Feds,repparttar 140756 conservative press,repparttar 140757 anti-Mexican hate groups, are fabricatingrepparttar 140758 alleged 20,000,000 so-called "illegal aliens" that they report are swarming like vermin throughout America raping, robbing, pillaging, and plundering? (Oh my, I forgot, spreading disease too.)

The 20,000,000—where are they? Who are they? If there is such a firm and well-rounded figure, then why doesn'trepparttar 140759 FBI round them up and deport them? If they ALL, without exception, are raping, robbing, pillaging, and plundering, then who are allrepparttar 140760 victims? I want to see crime reports. If ALL 20 million are, without exception, raping, robbing, pillaging, and plundering, then there should be at least 20 million crime reports on file somewhere documenting this—shouldn't there?

My point: If you don't like someone of a different race, why not come out and say it. (Disgusting as that notion is, it is your right to do so—Free speech.) If you don't want them living in your country because they are different from you (still very disgusting), why not say so?

But don't resort to lies, exaggerations, falsehoods, andrepparttar 140761 dishonesty of disinformation inrepparttar 140762 attempt to manipulate public thinking.

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Doug Bower is a freelance writer and book author. He lives with his wife in Guanajuato, Mexico. His newest book Mexican Living: Blogging it from a Third World Country can now be seen at

John McCain's "Agreed Framework"

Written by J.J. Jackson

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I would say define "extraordinary circumstances" but we know what it means. It means if you are Constitutional Originalist and most likely pro-life your nomination torepparttar Supreme Court will be considered "extraordinary". It also means that if you are nominated to any ofrepparttar 139853 appellate courts and they think they can dig up enough lies, distortions and half-truths about you, you might as well kiss your nomination good bye. Priscilla Owens, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor are only slipping through because Democrats would rather bide their time as they lose ground in this round.

The deal, much like Senator McCain, is so flawed it would be laughable if it were not so serious. The Senate has a role to perform and it should perform it. Senator Frist, thankfully, has not yet signed on to this "deal". And Senator Frist should push ahead for up and down votes on ALL nominees and forcerepparttar 139854 Democrats to show us what "Extraordinary circumstances" means. It is time to go Constitutional on their asses.

Super majority support is not required Constitutionally for judicial confirmations andrepparttar 139855 House and Senate as always retain their rights to always impeach judges that fail to act in good behavior. That has always beenrepparttar 139856 "balance of power"repparttar 139857 founders gave us. It is not whatrepparttar 139858 Democrats want you to believe which is thatrepparttar 139859 "balance of power" somehow involves giving minority Democratsrepparttar 139860 ability to stonewall moderate Republicans and completely shut downrepparttar 139861 conservative Republicans.

It's time to realize that you cannot negotiate in good faith with those that have no "good faith" to start with. You cannot negotiate in good faith with those that are so blinded by their flawed ideology that they will stop at nothing to prevent their loss of power. And it is time to make McCain and his gang of 13 go onrepparttar 139862 record with every nominee just like every liberal Democrat and every moderate and conservative Republican as well. And it is time to excommunicate McCain fromrepparttar 139863 Republican Party and let him go home torepparttar 139864 Democrats.

Pushrepparttar 139865 red button Senator Frist! America is waiting for your decisive leadership and for you to obliterate those that stand inrepparttar 139866 way ofrepparttar 139867 Constitution.

J.J. Jackson is a conservative political commentator and lead editor at American Conservative Politics (The Land of the Free

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