Throw away the fax machine – A guide to online fax

Written by Kimble Young

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There are some things to be aware of when switching over to online fax:

The first is that a fax machine makes a copy of a piece of paper and that online faxing makes a copy of an electronic document. You’ll no longer be able to rapidly scribble out a note and fax it anymore. However, you can just as rapidly send a quick memo by email-to-fax or through a fax printer. Filling out a form that has been faxed to you is no longer simple but it can be done by openingrepparttar fax in an image editing program and typing withrepparttar 105128 text tool.

The second caveat is that you may be used to signing almost every fax you send, this is no longer possible as there is no paper stage. The author recommends that if you have access to a scanner you can scan your signature and save it as a black and white image ready to be inserted atrepparttar 105129 footer of every document you type up.

All in all if you or your staff don’t userepparttar 105130 fax machine much, or use it for a lot of repetitive work, then faxing online can save you a lot of money in ink, paper, communications costs and most importantly - productivity. If you can’t give uprepparttar 105131 routine of walking up torepparttar 105132 fax machine with a piece of paper then you might still consider online faxing; but only to receive your faxes. Remember to turn offrepparttar 105133 auto answer feature of your fax machine.

Kimble Young is the product development manager for Fax Online an Australian online fax services provider. He has many years experience in the communications and Internet industries.

Star Trek has arrived!

Written by Daniel Webb

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"By 2005, video email or pointers to rich content media will begin replacing text messages asrepparttar online communications mechanism. Text based email will soon be as archaic as black and white TV." said Forrester Research, an independent technology research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice about technology's impact on business. Many entrepreneurs throughout North America are following Mr. Webb’s lead and taking control of their financial situations by recognizing and positioning themselves in front of this marketplace of one billion users. Video communication is here andrepparttar 105126 potential for entrepreneurs to create a leveraged residual income is real. If you would like to learn more about video communications and/or how you can profit from this expanding and evolving marketplace contact Mr. Webb today.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Daniel Webb (330) 743-8473

Daniel Webb lives in Youngstown, Ohio with his wife and three children.

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