Through the Tunnel

Written by Martin Brofman, PhD

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The ride was long, but I had nothing else to do but go for it. Finally,repparttar end ofrepparttar 122333 tunnel was in sight. I came out into a kind of space, a stillness, where there was a glow of energy addressing me. It was like a spark of life, energy glowing with intelligence, not in a human form, just pure consciousness. It seemed that some distance away, there was another spark just observingrepparttar 122334 scene.

I felt as though I were having an exit interview, something like, "Well, your trip is over now, so complete things in your consciousness about that, and we'll move on." I looked back and saw my life as I had lived it, completed my thoughts about things that had happened, understood a lot of things differently, and then expressed that I was ready.

The Being began to move away. I began to follow, and then I paused. The Being quickly asked me whatrepparttar 122335 thought was that had just entered my consciousness. I had thought that it would be a shame for my daughters to have grown up without their father in their life. I had spent a large part of my life without my father in it, and I would have liked my daughters to not have to have experienced that. Anyway, I was ready to go.

The Being said that because my reason for wanting to return was somebody outside myself, I would be allowed to return. Before I hadrepparttar 122336 chance to express that I didn't really want to return, there was a rapid, confused movement, something happened,repparttar 122337 other spark which had been "observing" was somehow a part of it, and then I was waking up in this body, in traumatic pain, with intense drama going on around me inrepparttar 122338 hospital.

I felt as if I had just jumped into a movie that had been underway, but that I had not beenrepparttar 122339 one inrepparttar 122340 body before this moment. Because ofrepparttar 122341 trauma andrepparttar 122342 drama, my attention was directed to things happening inrepparttar 122343 physical world, andrepparttar 122344 memory of what had happened before was somehow obliterated. I had other things happening which were demanding my attention, and besides, I did not haverepparttar 122345 belief systems that would allow me to accept what had just happened.

Overrepparttar 122346 next year, I began to explore ideas and philosophies I had no experience of before. I read books like "Life After Life," and "Life After Death," and other writings which described what people called, "Near Death Experiences," and I began to remember what had happened. I sawrepparttar 122347 similarities to what others had experienced, and I knew then what had happened to me. I thought also ofrepparttar 122348 similarities to what we considerrepparttar 122349 "normal" birth process, where babies are born into bright lights and loud sounds and being slapped, and perhaps, their attention is so much directed to outer things that they forget their inner experiences just beforerepparttar 122350 process of being born.

From time to time, I meet others who have maderepparttar 122351 trip, and we compare notes. "What was it like for you?" One woman said that before, she was certain there would be a Being onrepparttar 122352 other side with a big book, looking at what she had and had not done, and making checks and crosses, good marks and bad marks. When she got torepparttar 122353 other side, there really was a Being there with a big book, just as she thought there would be. The only bad marks she got, though, were forrepparttar 122354 things that she hadn't done. Her only sin was self-denial.

My diagnosis on leavingrepparttar 122355 hospital was "Spinal Cord Tumor." There was no treatment possible. I was given one or two months to live, and I decided to do that living my new philosophy of "I'm glad I did." I decided to work on myself, working in my consciousness to releaserepparttar 122356 tumor. Later,repparttar 122357 doctors decided that they must have made a mistaken diagnosis.

But that's another story.

By Martin Brofman, Ph.D. Martin Brofman 1988

A pioneer in spiritual healing, vision improvement, and exploring the nature of the body/mind interface, MARTIN BROFMAN is the author of the revolutionary book Anything Can Be Healed - a manual for the Body Mirror System of Healing, which he developed through his research and experience while healing himself of terminal illness in 1975. He and others he has trained present these healing tools worldwide. See his website at

The Joy Of Living In The Zone

Written by Keith Varnum

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A Space of Magic and Marvels

In major Zone adventures, your consciousness moves outsiderepparttar limited physical universe. When this happens, you're no longer bound byrepparttar 122332 physical laws of time and space. You can stretch-and contract-time and space to your desire, just as sports stars who makerepparttar 122333 impossible catch or dancers who fly effortlessly acrossrepparttar 122334 stage. You seem to have allrepparttar 122335 time you need to do what you need to do. Life is fun when you're cookin'. You feel serenely emboldened. Life becomes a game that you enjoy playing.

Jocks and Ballerinas Share a Secret

What do top professional athletes, dancers, salespeople and detectives have in common? They have refinedrepparttar 122336 pursuit of The Zone down to an art! They all appreciaterepparttar 122337 value of developing a reliable way to enter The Golden Magic Zone. They know that finding a personal portal to The Flow isrepparttar 122338 key to producing consistent peak performance.

A Wellspring of Creativity

In The Zone you achieve your goals quickly because you're tapped into your natural spiritual power. You focus on a wish and it manifests almost instantly. You dorepparttar 122339 right thing immediately without second-guessing yourself. You generate boundless energy for your job, relationships and creative pursuits. You're able to relax whenever you want and simply delight inrepparttar 122340 beauty and wonder ofrepparttar 122341 Now Moment. Being consistently inrepparttar 122342 groove, you miraculously transform your life into a journey full of abundance and success.

A Mystical Place

In major Zone encounters, you tap into your innate telepathic abilities. You communicate without words. You read other peoples' intentions before they're expressed. You often know what your partner is going to say before he or she utters a word. The self-talk that is always critical is no longer there to diminish you. You feel as if you can do anything-and you do. You're inrepparttar 122343 present moment. Your mind is clear. You have a sense of inner knowing that cannot be learned from a book, but is only known by accessing it directly.

Your Natural State

Such spaces are often seen as mystical, religious states. In reality, being in The Zone is just you being more you. Being inrepparttar 122344 right place atrepparttar 122345 right time is your natural state. Recognize, cultivate and relishrepparttar 122346 times when you enter The Zone. The more consciously you acknowledge, appreciate and savorrepparttar 122347 Flow,repparttar 122348 more accustomed you become to your natural state of feeling good! The more you vibrate withrepparttar 122349 joy of aliveness,repparttar 122350 more you will attract people and circumstances that perpetuate your stay in The Zone!

(c) 2004, Keith Varnum. All rights in all media reserved. Drawing fromrepparttar 122351 wisdom of native cultures and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his practical approach to healing and transformation as an author, life strategy coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, vision quest guide and international seminar leader with his empowering "Dream Workshops" and free, fun "Prosperity Ezine" at

Keith Varnum shares his practical approach to transformation as an author, life strategy coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, and seminar leader with his empowering "Dream Workshops" and free, fun "Prosperity Ezine" at

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