Through Stress Comes Kindness

Written by Laura Johnson

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 Kindness! What a wonderful warm, comforting word. All in all that is what it comes down to in times of great stress. There is a caring presence that all portray to all others. There is a definite good in allrepparttar negative and that is that kindness prevails! Success Creation Copyright 2005 For More Information About Creating Your Success Contact: Laura Johnson E-mail: Web: Phone: 469-231-6892

I started my first business teaching people self-esteem and motivation. It was an exciting business and I sometimes would hear from clients 2 years later telling me how I had changed their lives. I have trained 1000's of people on computer software and recorded about 200 training videos. I have always enjoyed public speaking and writing. My passion is helping others reach their goals, define their dreams, and create their success!

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Written by Ruth Zanes

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I soon started to read books about money and shifted my beliefs about money. I joined DA (Debtor's Anonymous - a 12 step support program) where I learned how to create a Spending Plan and more importantly, how to follow it. By using affirmations I was able to create a life that I love to live andrepparttar financial reserves that allows me to take care of myself inrepparttar 135512 present and inrepparttar 135513 future. I now live in a state of abundance, not scarcity.

"Be careful what you ask for, you may get it," simply means that you must be careful about your language when you are giving commands to your mind. To be perfectly clear, phrase your affirmations followingrepparttar 135514 Top Ten Tips below. To those of you who are skeptical aboutrepparttar 135515 theory, I know it seems strange at first, I ask you to considerrepparttar 135516 possibility that this version of how things work may actually result inrepparttar 135517 outcomes you always wanted. Some of you may want to talk with a coach to help you clarify what it is you really want and how to phrase your affirmations. It does take some practice. After all, you will be changing a lifetime of functioning one way, what I call "hard wired programming," and behavioral patterns. Experiment! I would love to hear about your results.

Ruth Zanes has been a Business, Career and Personal Success Coach since 1985. Her broad range of experience prior to coaching includes consultant, business ownership and corporate executive for some of the world’s largest corporations. Contact Ruth at:

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