Three steps you need to know to improve your learning and have better grades.

Written by Emmanuel SEGUI

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Throughout your life you learn. It's a never-ending process. School is justrepparttar beginning of this process with its special rules and rewards, which can sometimes seem unfair.

You begin to change by being aware that you are a potential genius and that you CAN do better and you WILL. What do you learn from having bad grades? Consider that it is an opportunity to learn. And most important, it's a chance to learn that you're notrepparttar 109377 problem; it's only your strategies. That's why you need to takerepparttar 109378 last lesson... You need to learn how to learn

3. You need new strategies.

If something doesn't work, do something else. First, be aware of your learning style. Are you visual, auditory, kinesthetic? Remember that you have multiple intelligences and when you use them as much as possible you increase your chances of having better results.

Haverepparttar 109379 end in mind. Act as if you already hadrepparttar 109380 solution. Now you only need to fill inrepparttar 109381 blanks. If you already know where to go, your brain will help you findrepparttar 109382 solutions. Use mind maps, movement and imagination. Learning how to learn is a necessity for children and adults to perform better in life.

These three steps are important to succeed in school. One step takes care of your beliefs, another of your emotions andrepparttar 109383 other one of your strategies to have better grades and to perform better in life.

Emmanuel SEGUI Author of "Moving from Vision to Action" NLP master-practitioner and neuro-semantics practitionner.

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English speaking and foreigners

Written by Ransy Reynis

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me concentrate better when I can hear it and read it atrepparttar same time. It is a lot of work writing first in Norwegian and then translates it into English but I love writing so I donít mind doing it. So if there are a lot of foreigners like me writing articles out there I recommend that you try this program it is totally free and it has help me learn speaking and writing English. I think this program can help English speaking persons too, especially if you have problems with concentration while you are reading. (This is not an advertisement for Read Please there are lot of others free programs like this that you can use) After I started using this program it has been much easier to concentrate reading article when I listen atrepparttar 109376 same time as I reed them. I hope this is of help to someone out there.

Thank you for reading this article Ransy Reynis

Ransy Reynis is an Independent Wealth Builder and a Webdesigner. Helping individuals earn career incomes from home.

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