Three colors, six tenuous links

Written by Holmes Charnley

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Well, it would appear that at last holes are being drilled inrepparttar ships hull, with a view to its eventual removal sometime this coming autumn. And as I type this, I can hear drilling coming fromrepparttar 118252 garage as my new landlord slowly gets my new accommodation finished.

Itís now June and we moved in on February 28th and still he drills away aimlessly, every other week, for a couple of hours and I think I know how that damn ship must feel.

The misery of eviction is bad enough. In my case, a solution has been found. As we waded throughrepparttar 118253 flood that had appeared at our new front door onrepparttar 118254 wettest day ofrepparttar 118255 year so far,repparttar 118256 waves listlessly, muddily seeping roundrepparttar 118257 front door, at least itís a roof overrepparttar 118258 familyís head.

And of course thereísrepparttar 118259 white horses. Fromrepparttar 118260 back ofrepparttar 118261 house we have them galloping around doing it all very well and gracefully but come Octoberrepparttar 118262 Tricolor will rememberrepparttar 118263 white horses as just a fond and distant memory.

(Never look these gift horses inrepparttar 118264 mouth. I had no idea how to tie this one up but I think that last bit just saved me.

And you.)

Freelance Journalist: a young gentleman specialising in bewildered think-pieces, autobiographical in nature.

Poverty Can Be Erased

Written by Mark Brennaman

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These vouchers are redeemable only at their local Tool Liquidators outlet. And what they buy with their vouchers can only be sold torepparttar Pentagon.

The Pentagon is already accustomed to paying $600 for hammers. And according to this article I read, they even pay upwards of a couple of thousand dollars for Mr. Coffee coffee makers.

You don't even want to know what they pay for screwdrivers!

So, I figure, those folks with vouchers shop at Tool Liquidators, pay ninety-nine cents for a hammer, and sell it torepparttar 118251 Pentagon for $600. That's a profit of $599.01 per hammer! Why, it'll take just one trip torepparttar 118252 tool store and they're quite well off. Poverty's gone.

The beauty of this plan is that it won't cost us taxpayers a penny more to lift everyone out of poverty. We're already footingrepparttar 118253 bill forrepparttar 118254 $600 hammers and who knows what for light bulbs.

(c)2002 by Mark Brennaman. All Rights Reserved.

Mark is a freelance writer and marketing consultant.

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