Three Ways to Get Top Quality Content for Your Niche Websites

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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3. Now, one more excellent way to get website content is through free article distribution websites and mailing lists. You can literally get thousands upon thousands of articles completely free this way. There's a couple of catches to this method though... First: You have to keeprepparttar author's name onrepparttar 134942 article. You're not allowed to change or editrepparttar 134943 article. Usually you're not even allowed to link to one of your websites, pages or affiliate programs from withinrepparttar 134944 article either. Then you have to includerepparttar 134945 "bio box" atrepparttar 134946 end ofrepparttar 134947 article. This - byrepparttar 134948 way - tends to be an advertisement of some sort. And last but not least: You have to link torepparttar 134949 author's website. And in many cases, you have to link to several ofrepparttar 134950 author's websites.

Oh yeah... one more thing about these free articles: Since they're free - tens of thousands of other websites use them too!

Putting quality content on your website will help bring in relevant, targeted traffic. And that usually brings in more clicks... and more sales. Hopefullyrepparttar 134951 above brief comparison helps you understandrepparttar 134952 different ways to get content for your site. Study them fully, and choose which one works best for you, your site needs, and your budget.

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The Power Of Viral Marketing

Written by David Bell

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Now it's time to placerepparttar button, and there are multiple placement options depending on what you want your visitors to share and in what contextrepparttar 134894 item to be shared appears. Remember that your button is a call to action, sorepparttar 134895 best placement is atrepparttar 134896 point in your process where your visitors arerepparttar 134897 most engaged, and motivated. The number one location for a product referral isrepparttar 134898 page whererepparttar 134899 product appears and appears by itself or differentiated from other products. Not only will your visitor not yet be preoccupied with billing addresses and credit card numbers, you also do not runrepparttar 134900 risk of losing a referral opportunity because you placedrepparttar 134901 button deeper inrepparttar 134902 ordering process, whererepparttar 134903 likelihood of an abandoned shopping cart rises.

If you provide a referral tool for an article or white paper,repparttar 134904 best spot forrepparttar 134905 button is atrepparttar 134906 beginning ofrepparttar 134907 article or white paper for shorter pieces and at bothrepparttar 134908 beginning andrepparttar 134909 end for pieces more than a page in length. Like most surfers do not read every line of text on every site, it is likely many of your visitors will also not be reading every single sentence and paragraph of what they might send on, especially if they're doing preliminary research or idly surfing.

Other prime locations for referral buttons, depending on your site and on your needs, are your home page, your product or service pages, and on any special offers. Ask yourself what it is you want visitors to your site to pass along and place buttons accordingly. Placerepparttar 134910 button close to names, icons, or logos that you expect to catch attention, while also keepingrepparttar 134911 important basics as close torepparttar 134912 top ofrepparttar 134913 page as possible. Web sites, like newspapers have a "fold" (i.e., what's seen beforerepparttar 134914 user has to scroll) and anything considered of paramount importance should be placed aboverepparttar 134915 fold.


A link is a link is a link. Not exactly a lot of design flexibility, is there? The best you can do, and what you should do it if you can, is to create links that carry at least a part of your message. A very simple example would be The real key with links is to accompany them with a short, clear, and compelling message. Also, underline or colorrepparttar 134916 text of your link so that it is obviously a link.


Again we go back to our earlier point thatrepparttar 134917 call to action works best whenrepparttar 134918 visitor has been fully engaged. If you want people to share an article or white paper,repparttar 134919 link goes at bothrepparttar 134920 beginning, when they're first interested aboutrepparttar 134921 material, and atrepparttar 134922 end, when they've read it. If it's in an email, you put it at whatever point in your message that you've given your readerrepparttar 134923 strongest incentive to act. Place it too early inrepparttar 134924 process, (before that special offer or promotion), and it is like suddenly demanding money from your customer when they are only halfway throughrepparttar 134925 purchasing decision process. You not only won't gain a customer, you will lose one customer with exceptional word-of-mouth potential.


Consider Three Scenarios:

1. People love your site, but you don't give them any tools, much less any incentive, to share it.

2. People love your site, and you give them an easy and obvious way to share it.

3. People love your site, and you not only give them an easy and obvious way to share it, but you actually reward them for doing so.

Which scenario will result inrepparttar 134926 most referrals? Which scenario would you yourself respond to best? Adding referral tools is a great start, but when you also add an incentive, you've given your visitors no reason not to act, and your response rate will skyrocket accordingly. As e-sales guru David Weltman, successful CEO and former IBM advisor, says, "What you get is referrals on rocket fuel."

But before you start handing out incentives, consider what your target audience will value and appreciate. To a tech-savvy audience, an offer of a free "Outhouse Construction for Numbskulls" manual will be less compelling than, say, free shipping or entry in a contest to win a new monitor.


When used properly, nothing can matchrepparttar 134927 power of viral marketing. It is so effective because it is based on personal opinion, muchrepparttar 134928 same way an editorial carries more weight than an advertisement because it's coming from a trusted source. You trust your friends and colleagues to send you material that is interesting, useful, and pertinent to you personally. Trust will always be more powerful than flashy design and expensive ad campaigns, and when information comes from someone you trust, it is much more powerful.

You can employ a team of designers and programmers and copywriters to build you a beautiful and functional site. You can pay for content, buy advertising, and even purchase lists of email addresses. The one thing you can't buy when growing your business isrepparttar 134929 trust of your users andrepparttar 134930 recommendations from current customers to potential new ones. That's achieved only with viral marketing.

I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

David Bell is Manager, Online Marketing, at , a leading Search Engine Optimization services firm and Advertising Agency.

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