Three Ways to Get Cheap Airfare

Written by Kerry Emrich

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Every airline has a ‘special offers’ page on their web site. Do you check them out regularly for cheap airfare deals or at all before booking a flight?

If you bookmark all ofrepparttar airlines catering to your geographic area, and any areas that you plan on traveling to, many of these ‘special fares’ will be better (in most cases, much better) than any search engine cheap airfare peek-a-boo that you do.

There are several finer points to watch with these cheap airfares, though; look for hidden charges, readrepparttar 149987 fine print, make note of any restrictions, and take action quickly (because most of these special offers are a limited time only).

Cheap Airfare Tip 3: Choose a Different Airport

Instead of having a fixed destination, why not look atrepparttar 149988 major airports NEAR where you plan on traveling? This one simple task can instantly change a so-so fare into cheap airfare. Think about it for a bit – if you are planning to travel to Montreal, why not look at New York’s airport instead? It’s a couple of hours drive more, sure – butrepparttar 149989 savings you’ll have could be enormous.

Almost all ofrepparttar 149990 special fares forrepparttar 149991 US for any international flights are based out of New York, or Orlando. So why pay hundreds of dollars more for something that may cost you a bit more time?

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The Best International Travel, Lifestyle and Offshore Publications You've Never Heard Of...and How You Can Get Them for FREE

Written by John Wentworth

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3. Written by independent travelers, TravelMag is a free Web magazine that publishes articles by people who have actually been there. Focusing on little-known and of-the-beaten-path destinations, it provides a fresh and interesting look at world travel. See

4. Published for 25 years, Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report is a monthly newsletter dedicated torepparttar discovery of peaceful vacation retreats forrepparttar 149986 luxury traveler. To assure completely independent and unbiased reviews, travel authority Andrew Harper (an alias) travels incognito, paying his own expenses for accomodations and meals, andrepparttar 149987 newsletter accepts no advertising. For a free sample copy, visit

5. Last, but certainly not least, International Travel News is a HUGE monthly travel magazine chocked full of stories, recommendations, tips and advice. Instead of arepparttar 149988 typical slick, glossy, ITN is refreshingly down-to-earth: A black and white publication printed on paper similar to your daily newspaper. To request a sample to be mailed to you, visit

John Wentworth is a New York-based freelance writer.

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