Three Ways To Close A Sale

Written by Kevin Nunley

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3. Be ready to answerrepparttar objection it costs too much. Reducerepparttar 127381 price down to what it would costrepparttar 127382 customer byrepparttar 127383 day or per hour.

You can also point out most everything these days costs too much. Askrepparttar 127384 customer how much they think they should pay forrepparttar 127385 product or service. Once they answer you, their expectations will become more reasonable.

Finally, practice closing too soon. What feels like "too soon" is often just right.

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Get a Laugh and Make the Sale

Written by Ron Sathoff and Kevin Nunley

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4. Get humor from experts. What do Jay Leno, Jim Carrey, and Bob Hope have in common? They don't always write their own material. They buy jokes from others.

You can dorepparttar same. Pull ideas from Reader's Digest (one ofrepparttar 127380 world's most successful magazines--and it's full of humor!) Rework jokes to fit your style and today's topics. Subscribe to joke and humor services. Type "morning show prep" into any search engine and see where your favorite DJ's get all their funny stuff. Many of these services offer free humor written fresh by professionals.

5. Remember funny lines you hear on TV and in movies. This is so simple it hurts. A LOT ofrepparttar 127381 funniest people on TV and radio have watched hundreds of movies. They have an amazing knack for remembering funny lines that fit whatever situation they are in.

Humor doesn't have to come naturally to you. If you weren'trepparttar 127382 class clown in school, don' t worry. You can learn to be funny.

Memorize half-a-dozen good one-liners. When a situation arises where one of your memorized quips would fit, let it fly. Don't be shy or tentative about it. Say your line loud and proud. If you letrepparttar 127383 customer know you aren't sure your line is funny, they will be quick to let you know you bombed.

And here is one last trick comedy experts use (but won't admit to.) After you deliver your humorous line, lookrepparttar 127384 customer inrepparttar 127385 eye and chuckle. Then wait. Don't say anything. Nine times out of tenrepparttar 127386 customer will start to laugh...or at least smile.

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