Three Way Problem Solving

Written by Steve Gillman

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Add: A better machine, motivation techniques, caffeine. Subtract: Distractions, unrealistic goals, uncomfortable clothing. Change: Location, time of day, type of exercise.

The key is to look at as many aspects ofrepparttar current situation as you can identify, and to let your mind answerrepparttar 144480 three questions for each one. Taking notes is a good idea too, but write down everything. Don't stifle your mind -repparttar 144481 time to pick outrepparttar 144482 useable ideas is later.

There are dozens of good creative problem solving techniques you can use. Some will work better for you, some worse, but one way to solve problems effectively is to use more than one technique. Why not add this one to your arsenal?

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Living a Life of Constant Total Amazement

Written by Dave Cole

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Many of these thoughts we have are unkind and detrimental to our well being. How many times have you found yourself putting yourself down for something you didn't do right, or found yourself getting angry or upset over some event, or even found yourself in a mental fight with someone?

Someone cuts you off onrepparttar freeway and you immediately go spastic and begin to shoot mental bullets at them.

Those thoughts put you in a state of sleep and prevent you from being fully aware ofrepparttar 144479 present world around you.

Inrepparttar 144480 beginning ofrepparttar 144481 movie, Joe was in a constant state of psychic slumber. He had no amazement, no awe, no wonder of life. His life was despicable.

When Joe began waking up, his life began to turn to a state of amazement and awe and wonder at what was happening inrepparttar 144482 present moment around him. Just watchrepparttar 144483 scene where he is with DeDe at dinner and you'll seerepparttar 144484 difference between a man at sleep and a man that is awake.

In fact DeDe says, "What's happened to you. This morning you were like a lump, now..... You're So Alive."

It is in this state of amazement that you often find children playing. They are having fun with life because they are not lost in thought about some fear, they are totally within and alive inrepparttar 144485 present moment and awake to what they are doing.

These unkind thoughts we have draw us farther away from repparttar 144486 awe and amazement that life really is.

And as you begin to wake up and live inrepparttar 144487 present moment, amazing things can and do happen.

Which way would you rather live?

In a world where you are lost in painful thoughts or a world where you are in a state of constant total amazement?

Go watch a cat. Cats are fully awake and aware in their own present moment. What creature is there that more lives a life of amazement than a cat?

Cat's don't get lost in thought like we do, they are fully aware of themselves and their environment allrepparttar 144488 time. Now a cat may stare intensly at a predator, but it is not lost in thought.

To be fully awake torepparttar 144489 present moment, begin to watch your thoughts. Some of them may be ugly. When you practice watching your thoughts, you'll begin to see yourself going off in all different kinds of directions over nothing, it's these thoughts that keep us asleep and away from a state of wonder and awe.

Don't try to change them, don't begin to put yourself down for having them, for now, just watch them and see how you react to them.

Next work on being present inrepparttar 144490 now. Watch yourself as you do everything. Become aware of where your arms are, where your legs are, what temperature is it. As you read this, watch yourself reading and be aware of where and who you are doing this.

Become fully awake to you andrepparttar 144491 experiences of this present moment and you will begin to seerepparttar 144492 amazement and wonder of your life as it should be.

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