Three Tips To Help You Benefit From Golf Video Instruction

Written by Mike Pedersen

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Usually you will end up with a huge volume of instruction and tips fromrepparttar golf video. It is therefore advisable to apply one at a time, rather than try to apply several and when you do not seem to get any result, you simply abandon everything. This is exactly what most golfers do. Be patient and applyrepparttar 144587 tips one at a time. You will find that some do not work for you. Do not get discouraged, move torepparttar 144588 next one and patiently work your way through your entire list.

C) Combine you application ofrepparttar 144589 golf video instruction with a golf-specific exercise program. There are many things in golf which will be extremely difficult to apply to your game if you are not physically fit. Or at least golf-fit. Some techniques can even increaserepparttar 144590 risk of injury if you are not involved in any golf exercise program. Ensuring that you are golf fit is a very important requirement for reaping maximum benefits from golf video instruction tapes.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness experts in the country, author of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide, and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Check out his new golf fitness site at Perform Better Golf.

Croquet - a history

Written by Peter Jay

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Croquet is more popular as a competitive sport outside ofrepparttar United States. It began to catch on more inrepparttar 144525 United States again, inrepparttar 144526 1960’s. In 1969,repparttar 144527 first six wicket croquet tournament was held in atrepparttar 144528 Colony Hotel in Palm Beach betweenrepparttar 144529 New York Croquet Club andrepparttar 144530 Palm Beach Croquet Club. Several other clubs eventually joined in, and once creating a uniformed code of rules, they establishedrepparttar 144531 United States Croquet Association, under Jack Osborn. Since 1980, croquet professionals in North America have grown from about fifty to around 4000. Croquet is now played in over twenty countries as a competitive sport. National tournaments are held often within these countries, and international tournaments are held atrepparttar 144532 international level. Many association and clubs have now been established inrepparttar 144533 United States andrepparttar 144534 international standards of croquet are being played more often by American croquet players. Most Americans, however, still playrepparttar 144535 more simple and casual backyard, nine-wicket version of croquet. Many Americans also play “poison croquet,” which is similar to nine wicket croquet, but is not played in teams. Instead, each player competes for him/herself to see who can hit their ball through all ofrepparttar 144536 wickets first, making their ball “poison” and then eliminatingrepparttar 144537 other players by hitting their balls withrepparttar 144538 poison ball.

Peter Jay is a yard game enthusiast with Yard Game Central and a manager and web administrator with Play Croquet. For information about a croquet set, visit

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