Three Steps for Online Success

Written by James D. Brausch

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Over all, PPC's aren't as cheap as they used to be. But there are still some real deals out there. Try to get keywords that your customers use to describe a site like yours. Keep in mind that regular customers may not userepparttar same term that professionals in your industry use.

PPC's can send hundreds, even thousands of visitors to your site. You can increase sales by carefully matching your PPC ad torepparttar 124274 web page people will be clicking to. Make surerepparttar 124275 web page corresponds exactly withrepparttar 124276 ad. If people read one thing in repparttar 124277 ad, then another when they get torepparttar 124278 site, they will click away without even considering your offer.

3. Start your own email newsletter and build your in-house email list. I know dozens of small businesses who earn outstanding incomes strictly off their newsletter. It's probablyrepparttar 124279 most powerful business builder onrepparttar 124280 Internet.

Put a sign-up form on your web site and get all those people coming from search engines to subscribe. This is critical. Prospects usually have to hear from you several times before they come back and buy. Your newsletter keeps your name and information in front of all your visitors and prospects, week after week, until they are ready to make a purchase.

Speed uprepparttar 124281 process of building your newsletter opt-in list by putting your sign-up form on other sites similar to yours. There are cooperative systems that will help you do this, or simply approach other sites with your offer.

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10 Great Holiday Decorating Ideas...On a Budget!

Written by Kathleen Wilson

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6. Place a few inexpensive glass balls in a bowl and embellish with a few sprigs of greenery or some leftover ribbon. If you don't have an extra bowl (it isrepparttar holidays, after all!) try decoupaging a box with leftover Christmas wrap, or cover with a little fabric and glue.

7. Take down your pictures and wrap them like a gift, then hang them back onrepparttar 124273 wall for great holiday cheer! You don't have to do this all aroundrepparttar 124274 house, how about just inrepparttar 124275 entry, or mayberepparttar 124276 dining room?

8. Tie greens or ornaments torepparttar 124277 chandelier with a little Christmas ribbon, just make sure they don't hang low enough for any candles onrepparttar 124278 table to catch them on fire.

9. Make your own gift tags out of leftover paper. Ok, this is not a new idea, but try punching it up a bit. Add details by layering shapes overrepparttar 124279 base paper, use paper punches and scalloped scrapbooking scissors to add style, use a gold calligraphy pen to add names. Or userepparttar 124280 scalloped scissors to make old holiday cards into tags.

10. Sponge stars or other seasonal shapes on your window with paint! No, I’m not nuts. Just add a teaspoon or so of liquid dish soap to acrylic craft paint, (I like white or gold metallic) and afterrepparttar 124281 holidays you should be able to wash it off with window cleaner. Use a non- scratching dish scrubber if you come across a stubborn spot.

There it is,repparttar 124282 10 best budget decorating ideas for Holiday decorating! Always rememberrepparttar 124283 most important reason we celebrate, andrepparttar 124284 reason we takerepparttar 124285 time to make our homes warm and inviting…our loved ones! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Kathleen Wilson is the author of “Quick Decorating Ideas Under $20:The Budget Decorator’s Bible” and the editor of The Budget Decorator, a free ezine dedicated to the “budget impaired” home decorator. Visit her at for more great ideas.

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