"Three Steps For Success"

Written by Larry Johnson

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The point here is that you are probably not going to make very much sellingrepparttar other guys product or service. Get your own ! Then promote it for all that it's worth.

Which brings us torepparttar 131862 question: "How do I promote my site ?" Well, there are lots of easy, quick answers for that online. Most of them don't work. Here is one that does.

3) Develop your own Newsletter or E-zine.

It's work, that is for certain, butrepparttar 131863 rewards are great. It is also an income-producing type of promotion that can not be equaled online.

As your number of subscribers grow, so doesrepparttar 131864 value of your publication. Charging for ads is just one ofrepparttar 131865 ways you are certain to experience as you climbrepparttar 131866 ladder of success.

Following these three simple steps will give you a headstart on those who takerepparttar 131867 easy, quick path.

Discipline your self to do a little each day, and you will soon be one ofrepparttar 131868 few who can claim success online.

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Larry has been online as a webmaster for 8 years promoting and marketing several sites. He also is publisher of a business and marketing E-zine, the Biz Site Biz E-zine.

12 Quick Tips For Beginning Webmasters

Written by Dan B. Cauthron

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You may wish to contactrepparttar English department at a nearby high school or college, and arrange to have an upper level student perform this task for you. It's that important!

7. Keep your page design clean and free of clutter. A site that visually assaultsrepparttar 131861 visitor will be clicked off quickly. White space and clearly defined sections will make for easier navigation.

8. For a large site, breakrepparttar 131862 content into sections and create seperate pages accordingly. Many Internet users do not like to scroll down indeterminately on overly long pages. Manage your page length to three screens maximum.

9. Test your pages with multiple browsers to be sure they work as they should. What works in one browser may not work with another. The two most commonly used browsers as of this writing are MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

10. Invest wisely in registering your own domain name and acquiring professional quality webhosting. To rely, even at first, on sub-domains or free hosting services will seriously harm your business credibility. In addition, avoid using any free email account as a business contact.

11. Provide a incentive and a method for visitors to join your mailing list, and display it prominently on each page. This is not an option. It's a necessity to your ongoing success.

12. Openly display your full name, your physical address, and at least two contact methods (ie. email and telephone) on your site. This will cultivate visitor trust, and add to your credibility as an honest and above-board business owner.

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