Three Keys to a Great PowerPoint!

Written by Rob J. Graves

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Just as you would never show up to an important presentation dressed in torn jeans and a plain t-shirt, your presentation needs to make a professional impression. Back inrepparttar 90ís it was perfectly acceptable to use a free template that came with PowerPoint. But, today your PowerPoint is an integral part of your sales and marketing collateral. If you donít think of your PowerPoint in this way then you truly need to shift your thinking.

Key: Dress your PowerPoint for success.

Today, there are many sites that sell pre-made professional PowerPoint templates. You can simply choose one (from amongrepparttar 150614 hundreds) that best matches your companyís look, feel and color scheme. Once you purchase and downloadrepparttar 150615 template, you can customize it to your liking.

Another option- If you donít haverepparttar 150616 time or expertise to do it yourself, you can hire an outside firm to dorepparttar 150617 PowerPoint creation and customization for you. This can truly make your presentation stand apart fromrepparttar 150618 rest of your competitors, through professional-quality images, advanced charts and by utilizing appropriate animations that enhance and compliment your message.

But, whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a professional, it is definitely worthrepparttar 150619 investment to maximizerepparttar 150620 professionalism and effectiveness of your PowerPoint presentation. Youíll not only be doing your audience a favor, butrepparttar 150621 high return on investment will greatly benefit your company and you.

Rob J. Graves is the Owner and Senior Creative Specialist for Graves Creative Services GCS has created award-winning PowerPoint presentations for companies throughout the US and abroad. GCS also provides Meet By Web, an affordable web conferencing service that allows customers to present their PowerPoint to audiences small or large from the comfort of their offices.

Overcoming Objections Over the Telephone

Written by Jay Conners

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If that doesnít get them talking again, then let them go by politely asking for their permission to follow up with them in a few days, and, if you could possibly send them out some literature, along with your business card.

Another common objection is:

I have to ask my spouse.

A good response to this objection would be:

Is your spouse available at this time? I would be happy to speak with him/her.

Again, if this does not work, then let them go, and politely ask to send out literature, and follow up with a phone call.

And one other objection you may run into . . .

I have already taken care of that, or I am working with someone else.

If you are hit with this objection, it is most likely your prospects way of telling you they are not interested.

Onrepparttar other hand, if they tell you they are working with someone else, it never hurts to take a chance, and ask your customer if they would like to see if you could get them a better price, or even a better product. It canít hurt, and if they are interested than go for it! If not, than let it go right there, and move onto your next prospect.

And remember, challenges are nothing but obstacles on your path to greatness!

Jay Conners is the owner of J. Conners, Mortgage leads reviews a mortgage resource center for mortgage brokers, loan officers, and lenders. He is also the owner of a mortgage lead company.

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