Three Easy Ways to Keep Customers

Written by Lisa Lake

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Reducerepparttar hassle of refunds and warranties. Make it as easy as possible for customers to reach you when they have an issue with your product. You might have 24-hour voice mail or email access. Then have a representative call them first thing inrepparttar 127263 morning. You can also reduce frustration by having clear refund and warranty policies.

If you lose a customer, consider it an opportunity! Consider why they stopped doing business with you and what you can do to ensure thatrepparttar 127264 same situation doesn't happen again. Customer feedback is one ofrepparttar 127265 best ways to help you improve your company's products and services.

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The Little Things Count--8 Things to Remember When Designing a Direct Sales Piece

Written by Keller Flynn

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5. Font - It's always tempting to experiment withrepparttar myriad of font choices your computer offers, but don't get carried away. Some of those fonts are impossible to read. My advice is to stick with courier because it isrepparttar 127262 easiest to read.

6. Stationary - Keep your direct sales piece looking classy with color stationary and good paper stock. Don't go forrepparttar 127263 flimsy stuff just because it's cheaper. Your results will speak for themselves.

7. Envelope Size - Size really does matter when it comes to direct sales. Mail your letter in a 9 X 12 envelope and people will think they are getting something important.

8. Personal Touches - Addressrepparttar 127264 envelope by hand. It makesrepparttar 127265 recipient ofrepparttar 127266 sales piece feel special and important because you tookrepparttar 127267 time to add that personal touch. Sales pitches come addressed by a computer, but a letter from a friend comes hand- addressed. Your prospects will be more likely to open a friendly letter than one they know contains a sales pitch.

It also helps to use a real stamp instead of a postage meter. Again, people will think you tookrepparttar 127268 time out to personally lick each stamp and place it on their envelope. It adds that personal touch that most sales pieces lack.

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