Three Easy Steps to Stress-Free Teleclass and Audio Recordings

Written by Barbra Sundquist

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3) When you would likerepparttar recording to end, just press *2 again. Recording also ends when you hang up. 4) To getrepparttar 137844 MP3 file, just go torepparttar 137845 website and click onrepparttar 137846 link “Download Conference Recordings” atrepparttar 137847 bottom ofrepparttar 137848 homepage.

5) The company will email you your MP3 file, which you can then click on to listen to. You can also emailrepparttar 137849 file to someone else, uploadrepparttar 137850 file to your website, etc.

Using Option #2 –

1) phone into your bridge (it can be any bridge)

2) once you have greeted your participants, you need to “patch in”repparttar 137851 AudioAcrobat recording line. This is not difficult. Here arerepparttar 137852 steps: - pressrepparttar 137853 “Flash” button on your phone - when you hearrepparttar 137854 dialtone you dialrepparttar 137855 AudioAcrobat phone number and enter your PIN - after you have entered your PIN, you will hear some phone prompts. To startrepparttar 137856 conference call recording press “3” on your phone keypad. - as soon as you hearrepparttar 137857 prompt say “Patch this line into your conference call now” hitrepparttar 137858 “Flash” button to return to your conference call participants. - you will hear two audible tones whenrepparttar 137859 recording starts. - to stoprepparttar 137860 recording process, simply hitrepparttar 137861 “Flash” button again or hang up.

3) Once you hang up, AudioAcrobat makes your MP3 file which will appear inrepparttar 137862 “Show My Audios” section of your account. The longerrepparttar 137863 recording,repparttar 137864 longer it will take to show up. A one hour conference call takes about 10 minutes to appear.

Barbra Sundquist is a Certified Mentor Coach and a certifying examiner for both the IAC and Coachville. Barbra is known as “the coach who makes things simple” and she absolutely loves taking complex information and making it understandable for learners. To receive more useful “how-to” tips, go to and subscribe to Certified Coach News.

Wealth in Real Estate Foreclosures

Written by kigo kare

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I've been a licensed real estate agent and investor for 7 years. I began my career by managing $8 million in real estate atrepparttar age of 20. From there I was trained and mentored by an individual who has bought and sold over 16,000 homes during his career. Three: I have helped individuals with absolutely zero real estate experience make tens of thousands of dollars...some inrepparttar 137791 matter of hours. One individual that I advise has generated revenues of up to $30 million in one year.How many of these dudes selling "How to make money in real estate" have even one client inrepparttar 137792 real world? Not to mention a multi, multimillionaire. Four: I don't hide behind my web site or any fake email addresses. My direct phone number is 586-477-4788. It's beenrepparttar 137793 same number for about 7 years and I don't plan on it changing. I answerrepparttar 137794 phone myself when I'm around. More information goto...

Real estate Consultant

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