Three Cost Effective Ways to Get Bumper-to-Bumper Traffic Using Your Vehicle

Written by Mike Snyder

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Sticker and Frame Design Tips:

Only use top level domain URLs The shorterrepparttar URLrepparttar 124431 better because it will be much easier forrepparttar 124432 other driver to remember since most people don't write down what they see while driving.

Eliminate "http://" and sometimes "www" Typing "http://" is not required in most browsers and is just a waste of space. In most cases, addingrepparttar 124433 "www" beforerepparttar 124434 domain name is not necessary (ie. isrepparttar 124435 same as Make sure to test your domain name withoutrepparttar 124436 "www" before using it in any advertising.

Capitalize when appropriate Use both upper and lower case letters in your URL to helprepparttar 124437 reader identify and remember your site (ie. is more appealing and memorable than Note, most individual vinyl letters are only available in upper case so this is not possible with them.

Use color Bright colors attractrepparttar 124438 driver's attention.Try red on yellow or yellow on red.

Readrepparttar 124439 guidelines carefully If using, make sure to read their "Image Workshop" at to take full advantage of available space onrepparttar 124440 merchandise.

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Offline Advertising for Online Companies

Written by Michele Borowsky

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Before embarking on any campaign,repparttar business owner needs to know, understand, and specifically definerepparttar 124430 primary demographic group which comprises their customer profile. Without this, there cannot be an effective plan, which is a necessity for success. The fact is that less than 10% of all contacts a company makes will ever respond. So you could mail out your postcards to 100 select people and you’ll get, on average, less than 10 responses. So how about reaching 150,000 people each week with a radio flight? Or over 400,000 people with an ad in a major daily newspaper.

Think about it. The opportunities are endless andrepparttar 124431 business potential is limitless. You need to make that commitment to grow your company. Offline advertising for online companies needs to be considered by you and all others in online business. The possibilities are there forrepparttar 124432 taking.

Michele Borowsky is a 20+ executive veteran of a Media Exposure Management Firm. She has written "The Mother of All Marketing for Business Owners" so Small Businesses can get the benefit of her expertise.

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