"Three Best Things"

Written by Gary Lockwood

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I just didn't wantrepparttar negatives to be their primary focus. I wanted my sons to see pastrepparttar 131411 unpleasantness around them and experiencerepparttar 131412 positive.

How many times do you end your day stewing about? The heavy traffic The report that didn't get finished People who haven't returned your calls Deals that are dragging on The computer's not working correctly And on, and on, and on.

I am not suggesting that you ignorerepparttar 131413 challenges in your life. I AM suggesting that you just not dwell there.

Successful entrepreneurs develop their positive attitudes because they feed on progress.

Atrepparttar 131414 end of each day, instead of recounting allrepparttar 131415 difficulties and all that remains undone, write your accomplishments. Writerepparttar 131416 three most positive, interesting things that happened to you this day (the fun-est things). You can literally end each day on a positive note by jotting downrepparttar 131417 three best things that happened this day.

These may be things that happened to you, people around you, events that just felt good to you, or just a sunny day. Some ofrepparttar 131418 most rewarding things to capture are your own actions. Often, there is no one around to acknowledge your achievements, especially those little ones that happen inrepparttar 131419 course ofrepparttar 131420 day. By focusing a few minutes on your accomplishments, you give yourself a little pat onrepparttar 131421 back and recognize progress, even when small.

Having a positive attitude toward your business and toward life in general may be one ofrepparttar 131422 most important characteristics of success- ful people. In my years of experience as a Business Coach, I have observed many successful entrepreneurs. With very few exceptions, those who are successful and happy have developed and maintained a positive outlook.

A positive attitude is not accidental. Successful entrepreneurs know how to create a positive attitude for themselves. They don't just wait for it to happen.

Start today. Write down or tell someone aboutrepparttar 131423 three best things that happened today. This recognition ofrepparttar 131424 positive things in your life will restore your confidence and your sense of well-being. You will likely gain a new perspective, a higher energy level and increased creativity.

Start now. "What wasrepparttar 131425 fun-est thing *you* did today"?

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Top Ten Tips for Transitions without Trauma

Written by Jean R. Charles

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7.Soothe your soul. Practice extreme self-care during transitional times. Take time for stress relieving practices, relaxation techniques and good healthful living practices. If you have a wellness routine, stick to it! Donít userepparttar upset in part of your life as an excuse to abandon your routine. If you donít practice extreme self-care, it is a good time to start. You will be better able to cope withrepparttar 131409 stress of change. 8.Connect with your spiritual side. Call upon whatever force you identify as a higher power inrepparttar 131410 universe. Use prayer, meditation, reflection on spiritual literature, or whatever works for you. As you make your intentions known torepparttar 131411 universe, it will set itself in motion toward what you want. 9.Know thatrepparttar 131412 outcome will berepparttar 131413 right one. Have faith that even if you donít understand it, life is a process that moves for our own good. The universe gives you what you are ready for and teachesrepparttar 131414 lessons you need to learn. Think about times when things did not work out as you would have liked, and you benefited greatly fromrepparttar 131415 eventual outcome. Remember that lifeís path is not straight, and we get where we need to go. 10. Give up trying to control every aspect ofrepparttar 131416 outcome. Be comfortable not knowing exactly whatrepparttar 131417 outcome will be. Realize that we never really know what will occur even inrepparttar 131418 next moment. Takerepparttar 131419 actions that move you toward your intended outcome and know that you will handle whatever outcome materializes.

Jean coaches professionals and small business owners to discover, design and live their just right lives. Through customized coaching sessions, she provides support, focus, and momentum to keep clients on track and progressing. She can be reached at jean@justrightcoach.com or visited on the web at www.justrightcoach.com.

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