Three 30 Day Journaling Ideas

Written by Doreene Clement

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rememberrepparttar small andrepparttar 145626 big things that happened to you each day. Think about what you arerepparttar 145627 most grateful for, and write that down. Today I am grateful for________________________________________ This can also be a great family project. Set one book whererepparttar 145628 whole family can see it every day. And everyone can jump right in, journaling what they are grateful for that day.

3. Start a dream journal. Setrepparttar 145629 book by your nightstand forrepparttar 145630 next 30 days and write down your dreams. You can writerepparttar 145631 whole dream or journal what stands out for you. You can even write down justrepparttar 145632 symbols, say it was rain, clouds, flying, or school.

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Concept Combination For Creative Problem Solving

Written by Steve Gillman

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Inrepparttar process of innovation, you need to be careful not to stifle creativity. This means allowing ideas to come without judging them at first. It also means using techniques only as tools, not as a rules. If your mind goes off on a creative tangent - let it.

Randomly combining things is a great mental exercise when you're driving or daydreaming. A boat and a bicycle becomes a waterski-bike that glides acrossrepparttar 145544 lake using pedal-power. Combining stock-trading and McDonalds has you imaginingrepparttar 145545 selling of stocks and bonds at drive through windows.

For more specific problems, you just look for things to combine with what you already have. If your taxi business is struggling, combining "taxi" and "pets" might lead to a successful arrangement with a kennel, to pick up and deliver their client's cats and dogs. "Famous people," might give yourepparttar 145546 idea to run some sort of tour ofrepparttar 145547 town, like they do in Hollywood.

For maximum creativity in your innovation, look far and wide for concepts to combine. "Meditation" and "amusement parks" seem too unrelated to yield interesting combinations, but I'll bet people at a carnival would pay to be put into a meditative trance usingrepparttar 145548 latest brainwave entrainment technologies.

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