Thousands of Banner Displays - for FREE!

Written by Michael Hopkins

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That's a total of 34,900 banner displays for your site! And this is, by no means, an extensive list of exchanges that offer free impressions. Run a few searches for 'banner exchanges' onrepparttar search engines to find more.

NOTE: Please note one thing, some exchanges will manually verify that you've added their banner HTML to your site before your account will be activated. If this isrepparttar 100981 case, you haverepparttar 100982 choice of either (1) displaying their banners temporarily until your account is activated and you've earned your free credits, or (2) just forgetting about them and finding another that has no such requirement.

And there you have it - free banner displays without repparttar 100983 pain!

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Two Top Ways To Promote Your Business In Ezines

Written by Ken Hill

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Once you know by tracking your ad which ad copy and ezines pull inrepparttar best response, all you have to do is keep running your ad.

2. Place solo ads.

Placing solo ads can be a very effective way to generate more sales for your business.

The main reason placing a solo ad can be so effective is that your solo ad will not have any competition from any other advertiser.

Some ezines also give their subscribersrepparttar 100980 option of opting out of receiving solo ads which will provide an even more targeted audience for your offer.

When placing your solo ad, keep your ad copy short and try to come up with a good headline to draw people into reading your ad.

As with sponsor ads, make sure that you track how well your ad does so that once you know that placing a solo ad in a particular ezine brings in a good response you can continue to run your ad.

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