Thoughts on Low Carb Diets

Written by Joe Serpico

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Some low-carb diets cause ketosis. Some ofrepparttar potential consequences are nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and confusion. Duringrepparttar 145408 initial phase of low-carb dieting some fatigue and constipation may be encountered. Generally, these symptoms dissipate quickly. Ketosis may also giverepparttar 145409 breath a fruity odor, somewhat like nail-polish remover (acetone).

Low-carb diets do not enablerepparttar 145410 consumption of more calories than other kinds of diets, as has been often reported. A calorie is a calorie and it doesn't matter weather they come from carbohydrates or fat. Study discrepancies are likelyrepparttar 145411 result of uncontrolled circumstances; i.e. diet participants that cheat on calorie consumption, calories burned during exercise, or any number of other factors. The drop-out rate for strict (i.e. less than 40 grams of CHO/day) low-carb diets is relatively high.

What Should You Do? - There are 3 important points I would like to re-emphasize:

- The long-range success rate for low-carb and other types of diets is similar.

- Despite their popularity, little information exists onrepparttar 145412 long-term efficacy and safety of low-carbohydrate diets.

- Strict low-carb diets are usually not sustainable as a normal way of eating. Boredom usually overcomes willpower.

It is obvious after reviewingrepparttar 145413 topic, that more, well-designed and controlled studies are needed. There just isn't a lot of good information available, especially concerning long-range effects. Strict low-carb diets produce ketosis which is an abnormal and potentially stressful metabolic state. Under some circumstances this might cause health related complications.

The diet you choose should be a blueprint for a lifetime of better eating, not just a quick weight loss plan to reach your weight goal. If you can't see yourself eatingrepparttar 145414 prescribed foods longer than a few days or a week, then chances are it's notrepparttar 145415 right diet. To this end, following a moderately low fat diet with a healthy balance of fat, protein, carbohydrate and other nutrients is beneficial.

If you do decide to follow a low-carb plan, remember that certain dietary fats are associated with reduction of disease. Foods high in unsaturated fats that are free of trans-fatty acids such as olive oil, fish, flaxseeds, and nuts are preferred to fats from animal origins.

Even promoters ofrepparttar 145416 Atkins diet now say people on their plan should limitrepparttar 145417 amount of red meat and saturated fat they eat. Atkins representatives are telling health professionals that only 20 percent of a dieter's calories should come from saturated fat (i.e. meat, cheese, butter). This change comes as Atkins faces competition from other popular low-carb diets that call for less saturated fat, such asrepparttar 145418 South Beach diet plan. Low-carb dieting should not be considered as a license to gorge on red meat!

Another alternative to "strict" low-carb dieting would be to give up some ofrepparttar 145419 bad carbohydrate foods but not "throw outrepparttar 145420 baby withrepparttar 145421 bath water". In other words, foods high in processed sugar, snacks, and white bread would be avoided, but foods high in complex carbohydrates such as fruit, potatoes, and whole grains retained.

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Acupuncture - Weight Loss with an “Ancient Chinese Twist”

Written by Debra Clydesdale LAc DNBAO

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I was fortunate to have been trained by a colleague that studied in China learning these acupuncture weight loss treatments. We are now proud and excited to offerrepparttar Chinese nutritional herbal program that I used as well as these acupuncture treatments and other supporting treatments for weight loss at our Oriental Medicine spa-clinic in Los Angeles. I continue to further my study and am exploring working with researchers at a major university to evaluaterepparttar 145203 efficacy of these protocols. Imagine finding solid evidence that there is a treatment for obesity that has relatively few side effects. It is exciting to see where this can go.

The unique acupuncture weight loss program we are offering here in Los Angeles atrepparttar 145204 Oriental Med Spa is a synergy based onrepparttar 145205 treatment protocol currently used in China(11), Chinese Dietary therapy including nutrient packed supplements and nutrition for weight loss taught to physicians (12). It is a gradual reduction method and includes Oriental Medicine Diagnosis, a series of eight Acupuncture for Weight Loss Treatments, Auricular acupuncture (ear seeds) and herbal pharmaceutical grade Chinese nutrition supplements. Acupuncture and nutritional herbs are used primarily to strengthenrepparttar 145206 digestive system so it becomes more efficient. The food you eat is better assimilated and you feel full more quickly with less cravings. We hear “I noticed that my cravings were much less” on a regular basis from patients.

Breathing exercises are also a vital part of our program. For additional support we also provide Chinese Nutrition diet analysis, Eating plans, Lifestyle Changes Support, RejuvaQi Qi Gong Exercises, Slim & Toned IR BodyWrap and AromaWraps for weight loss. Treatments range from active to pampering. Each program is tailored and individualized forrepparttar 145207 patient’s unique situation. In China they say that 4 of 5 patients lose weight. Only time will tell here inrepparttar 145208 West (13).

Searches of medical literature show that all ofrepparttar 145209 following are important, lifestyle choices such as daily exercise, smart diet choices, dealing with your “inner eating demons”. Others are important but haven’t gotten quite as much press – proper breathing, body balance & flexibility, and constitution. Let’s face it we all come in as a unique individual with our own DNA, personality profile and favorite foods. First isrepparttar 145210 decision to lose weight, next isrepparttar 145211 right support.

This is where I believe Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for weight loss are powerful supporting tools, to help us find our own individual paths to healthy living. It is a slow gradual reduction method. The program can stand alone or be a supportive treatment for other weight loss or weight management programs. It takes time asrepparttar 145212 body rebalances. It worked well for me, it has worked for others and if you are seriously looking for support for your weight loss, come in for a treatment. We’d love to share it with you.


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Debra Clydesdale LAc DNBAO is President of the Oriental Med SPA. She has been helping people improve their inner health and outer beauty and lead healthier lives for over 15 years offering specialized anti-aging, weight loss, acupuncture facial renewal, and orthopoedic treatments, products and services with roots in Oriental Medicine and Chinese Nutrition. She can be reached at 323-655-9800,

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