Thought You Couldn't Drink Coffee Anymore?

Written by Tonya Sage

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With one out of five coffee drinkers inrepparttar US suffering from stomach upset, another alternative has finally become available. A patented, all natural, chemical free, high-pressure steaming process removes over 75% ofrepparttar 113121 acidity and irritants but leavesrepparttar 113122 coffee’s aroma, flavor and caffeine intact. Made from supreme quality, organically grown Arabica coffee beans, low acid coffee can now be tolerated byrepparttar 113123 most sensitive stomachs. Developed in Europe, this process greatly reducesrepparttar 113124 acidic chlorogenic substances prior torepparttar 113125 roasting process so there’s few irritants produced during roasting, resulting in rich flavored, low acid coffee.

Drinking low acid coffee solves two major problems for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. How to enjoy their coffee everyday while preventingrepparttar 113126 inevitable stomach upset and avoiding acid reducing drugs? It’s now possible to enjoy coffee throughoutrepparttar 113127 day, pain free, and disruptingrepparttar 113128 digestion process. Deprived coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs can enjoy coffee again with high quality, low acid coffee.

Tonya Sage owns , an authorized distributor of Hevla low acid coffee. also educates their visitors and customers on various heartburn related diseases and heartburn prevention.

Dutch Oven Cooking Basics

Written by Robin Shortt

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Now that you understandrepparttar basics of using your Dutch oven you need to prepare or cure your oven before using it.

Some cast iron ovens have a protective covering which you will need to remove .

You will need to do some scrubbing with a non-abrasive scubber.

Oncerepparttar 113120 covering is removed, rinse and dryrepparttar 113121 oven and then let it air dry.

Curing It

To cure your oven, pre-heat your kitchen stove to 350 degrees. Placerepparttar 113122 Dutch oven onrepparttar 113123 center rack, withrepparttar 113124 lid open slightly.

Allow it to heat slowly until it is too hot to handle. Apply a thin layer of salt free cooking oil with a clean cloth torepparttar 113125 Dutch oven inside and out.

Place your oven back insiderepparttar 113126 stove withrepparttar 113127 lid slightly open. Bake your oven for about an hour.


After baking , allowrepparttar 113128 Dutch oven to cool slowly.

When it is cool enough to handle, repeatrepparttar 113129 oil againrepparttar 113130 same as before and bake again.

When cool enough apply a third layer of oil, but this time it is ready for use.

Preparing your Dutch oven in this way prevents rust and makes for much easier cleaning as well


To clean your oven after use, scrape it out, add warm water, without soap, and heat it inrepparttar 113131 oven untilrepparttar 113132 water is almost boiling.

For any food that sticks a little, use a non-abrasive scrubber.

Protect your Dutch oven again by warming it inrepparttar 113133 stove, applying a thin coating of oil and letting it cool. Its now ready for storage.

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