Those Pesky Paradigms - Why Remote Viewing is so controversial

Written by By Dane Spotts

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Shifting Paradigms: Stretching Things To Fit

But asrepparttar evidence accumulates and is so strong that we can no longer dismiss it we must accept that something is going on that doesn't seem possible according to our existing paradigm. This isrepparttar 122325 point that an individual experiences what is called a paradigm shift. When this happens we bend our previous paradigm to fitrepparttar 122326 new problematic evidence.

An example of such stretching occurred duringrepparttar 122327 days ofrepparttar 122328 Wright Brothers and their battle for manned flight. What most don't realize is that it took years afterrepparttar 122329 flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, beforerepparttar 122330 idea caught on that heavier than air machines were invented that allowed man to fly. Most people laughed at first and assumed it was a fraud. The U.S. government was offered Wright Brothers flying machines, but they were not taken seriously until almost a decade later. The evidence began to pile up andrepparttar 122331 paradigm shifted, that such a thing was scientifically possible. Once this new paradigm was accepted, it revolutionized travel as we know it and changed society forever.

Usually paradigm shifts move "bottom-up" in a grass-roots way, so it is not uncommon forrepparttar 122332 power structures of a culture to feel highly threatened by paradigm shifts that seem to contradictrepparttar 122333 current view of reality. Such power structures may respond by passively resisting change or even by actively combating it. They don't usually do this with conscious intent or malice, but merely in response to what appears to be "crazy" or "unreasonable" pressures from a paradigm outside their own -- which by definition seems "out of touch with Reality."

It Takes A New Mind - To See A New World

Technical Remote Viewing andrepparttar 122334 work of PSI TECH is "crazy" according to most existing paradigms of our society. No matter how many demonstrations one witnesses, until you do it yourself it's just too unreal to accept thatrepparttar 122335 mind…your mind can really do this. And because it is a skill, it can not be executed with perfection by every individual, givingrepparttar 122336 status quo more ammo to shoot it down. The Wright Brothers first manned flight was only 12 seconds long and went 120 feet. Certainly not a big deal when we look at howrepparttar 122337 technology has evolved. But that 12 second flight was paradigm shattering, and ushered in a whole new era of possibilities for mankind.

The future holds great promise if we are brave enough to embrace new possibilities and set aside our need to protect existing paradigms. I firmly believe one ofrepparttar 122338 greatest technology breakthroughs ofrepparttar 122339 new millennium will berepparttar 122340 development of our innate PSI functioning. But it is so profound and paradigm shattering that it will be fought tooth and nail by those individuals and institutions clinging torepparttar 122341 existing belief structure.

It is part of our mission of PSI TECH to take on this quest. And to offer tools to all who wish them to develop their full potential as human beings.

Note: Carl Jung was shunted in his day for declaring that something calledrepparttar 122342 unconscious mind existed. He stated before he died in 1961 thatrepparttar 122343 inevitable development ofrepparttar 122344 human "Intuition/Instinct" (PSI functioning) would berepparttar 122345 next big change for mankind. We at PSI TECH believe that Technical Remote Viewing isrepparttar 122346 language that will actively precipitate that change.

Dane Spotts is the CEO of PSI TECH & the founder and president of Mind-Tek (formerly Zygon Intl)which is a cutting edge mind research company. Dane's inventions include the Brain Supercharger, the SuperMind Quest programming computer, the Learning Machine® & he has also authored several books. Dane is committed to aggressively oversee the continuity and continued progress of PSI TECH and Technical Remote Viewing®.

Roswell Ufo Encounter

Written by Jim Branco

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