Those Not-So-Beaut Information Products

Written by Elena Fawkner

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THAT'S howrepparttar author makes HIS fortune. By lining up an army of patsies, most of whom will be lucky to sell a single copy ofrepparttar 117807 product. But because he has THOUSANDS of you out there, he still makes a fortune. If each ofrepparttar 117808 thousands of resellers sells only one copy, he still makes commissions on thousands of sales. You don't get that opportunity.

And one other piece of vital information. You need to be one ofrepparttar 117809 very first marketing these products to generate any income from them at all. They have a VERY short shelf-life.

Now, these types of products certainly have their place. I promote one of them from my site, in fact. But I don't promote it as something to generate an income with. I promote it instead because of what it can teach you about internet marketing in a very short time. And I say so.

Information products can do very well online, indeed. But not these sort. Think instead in terms of creating your own content-rich site that attracts targeted traffic (the more specialized your nicherepparttar 117810 better) and then write your own e-books and sell them from your site. Establish an affiliate program to get others to sell your book for you. There is a veritable army of people out there looking for a product to sell, and any product, so it sometimes seems, will do. In time, they will wake up and smellrepparttar 117811 coffee but until then, put that salesforce to work for YOU. Just don't promise themrepparttar 117812 moon though, OK?

Think also in terms of publishing a newsletter onrepparttar 117813 subject of your choice. Not only does this help spreadrepparttar 117814 word about your website, vital to all-important traffic generation, your newsletter can become quite a lucrative source of advertising revenue once your subscriber base reaches a decent size (of several thousand).

Or you might decide instead (or as well) to launch a subscription-based newsletter to generate subscription income as well as advertising revenues.

Another approach is to create a members-only area of your web site and charge a monthly fee for access.

All of these ideas involve information products. Start thinking outsiderepparttar 117815 paradigm of "selling an information product from your site". Your site *IS* an information product! So is your newsletter. And utilized effectively, they're MUCH more likely to result in a steady, reliable and secure source of income for YOU, not just another internet marketing "guru".

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical home business ideas for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

Why I Need A 16 Hour Work Day

Written by Joe Bingham

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Time Lost: 15 minutes to 2 hours (depending on what else distracts me while I'm up.)

Hunger -- What? I can't just sit there and never want food!

Time Lost: 1 hour (hey, sometimes I can eat a lot.)

Phone Calls -- Every time I sit down atrepparttar computer, apparently it's a signal for my wife and kids to want to call someone. I guess I should just spendrepparttar 117806 money and put in another phone line, but they would probably just take that one over, too.

Time Lost: 1 hour

Fatigue -- This is an interesting phenomenon as well. I can run all day taking care of other things or playing around and feel just fine. Then, as soon as I spend 10 minutes sitting in front ofrepparttar 117807 computer, I'm tired.

Time Lost: 2 hours

"It's OK, I'mrepparttar 117808 Boss" -- I've used this excuse with myself to take time off WAY too many times.

Time Lost: 2 hours

Movies -- I like movies. Even withrepparttar 117809 TV going in a separate room, they still tempt me. Of course, ifrepparttar 117810 kids wouldn't haverepparttar 117811 volume up to 90 decibels, it might not be such a problem.

Time Lost: 2 hours

Now, here'srepparttar 117812 catch. If I was working at a regular job how many of these excuses would fly? You guessed it, NONE!

So, what am I going to do about it? Since I amrepparttar 117813 boss, does this mean I have to fire myself?

Well, so far, my answer torepparttar 117814 problem has beenrepparttar 117815 16 hour work day. I plan a 16 hour work day, thereby allowing enough time for allrepparttar 117816 distractions. So how much time do those distractions take?

According to what I listed above, about 14 hours. That leaves only 2 hours for real work.

Well, next time you see an ad for a home business claiming you only have to work a few hours a week, now you'll know why.

Because that's all that's really possible anyway!

Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletters Pre-Written Ezine Issues -- You Publish! *Get Access to Extensive Promotional Resources *Initiate and Keep Contacts, Expand Your Online Presence See it!

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