Those Mobile Phone Wielding Drivers

Written by Ieuan Dolby

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Even worse than being a pedestrian these days is to find oneself sitting inrepparttar back of a taxi with driver who feelsrepparttar 105121 urge to converse not with you but with his mobile! Suddenly from being a normal driver who bores his passengers to tears with stories of his economic plight or Liverpool’s recent football score, emerges a maniac of WW11 convoy evasion tactical ability! The driver suddenly decides that any action ofrepparttar 105122 foot onrepparttar 105123 gas peddle must be immediately followed by one onrepparttar 105124 brake and passengers find themselves alternately with their heads embedded intorepparttar 105125 seat in front or their bodies lying twisted and mangled againstrepparttar 105126 rear window! From a driver, who although was naturally aggressive in his driving managed with skill to avoid others, emerges a monster. A massive monster who will play head on “who will brake first” games with a speeding tank, who will assume that spacesrepparttar 105127 size of a shopping trolley will mysteriously expand if he gets enough speed up and who considers that all other drivers are mere figments of his imagination!

Indeedrepparttar 105128 mobile phone driving syndrome situation is far worse than authorities, governments, Ray,repparttar 105129 Japanese Police andrepparttar 105130 bored or underpaid scientist’s state. This maybe due torepparttar 105131 fact that most ofrepparttar 105132 above mentioned bodies and groups tend to use their very own mobile phones whilst driving to work every day so ……….can’t make too much noise now can they!

One country is stepping up its efforts to clamp down on this new menace! The UK! As of 2005 drivers caught using mobile phones will be immediately fined 60 pounds and have three penalty points on their driving licenses! In fact Ms Janet Anderson, MP for Rose and Darwin ( a couple of houses in England connected by a single lane dirt track) clapped her hands in delight upon receiving a report that hands-free kits (once heralded as a safe alternative) were nearly as dangerous as actual hand-held phones! She went on a bit further to say that, “it must be made crystal clear to drivers who insist on behaving in this way that they endangerrepparttar 105133 safety ofrepparttar 105134 public generally and their own safety too”! Yippee!

Still inrepparttar 105135 UK - recent tests atrepparttar 105136 Transport Research Laboratory have shown that drivers on mobiles have a slower reaction time and stopping time than those underrepparttar 105137 influence of alcohol! It does not really take a team of highly paid scientists and many pounds later to figure that one out: it is blatantly obvious that a driver underrepparttar 105138 influence will be applying every ounce of his available concentration on his driving, albeit slightly misguided, whilst a driver on his mobile will not be concentrating at all! Butrepparttar 105139 findings of this year long study did place in writing some much needed data and statistics that can now be used and wielded by those trying to clamp down onrepparttar 105140 menace! At last some hard evidence!

Hopefullyrepparttar 105141 future will change people’s attitudes regarding mobile phone usage! Hopefully normal people will not feelrepparttar 105142 urge to be in contact 24/7, will not suffer withdrawal symptoms should they be disconnected for a nanosecond and be able to not answer a ringing phone – in fact it would be superb if people could actually switch mobile phones off sometimes!

But this is way, way, way intorepparttar 105143 future! As far away as us conversing with aliens fromrepparttar 105144 planet “zong” inrepparttar 105145 “xzihngty” galaxy about them trying to eat us for breakfast! Inrepparttar 105146 meantime it will be up to governments andrepparttar 105147 introduction of new laws to clamp down onrepparttar 105148 menace and thus make drivers think twice before answering or making calls whilst onrepparttar 105149 move!

Mayberepparttar 105150 answer is not to punish drivers through penalty points on their license orrepparttar 105151 threat of paltry monetary fines:

“You have been found guilty by this court of talking on a cell phone whilst driving. You will from this day forth not be allowed to own, borrow, use or even look at a mobile phone, PDF or portable communication device for a period of ten years. Additionally you will complete three months of community service upon completion of which you will attend counseling in “how to survive on this planet without being in constant touch”. Upon completion of this course you will then attend a four week course titled, “how to use a phone that is connected to a land line”. Take him away boys!

The only crisis left to solve would then be to clamp down on those drivers who insist on doing a full make-over inrepparttar 105152 rear-view mirror whilst doing 60MPH through a built up area! To put a halt to business men who assume that drivers’ seats are wonderful places to shave, rinse and swallow! To convince short sighted people that, “cleaning ones specs” by removing them and whilst navigating a hair bend in icy conditions is not really sensible. Oh, and that various forms of sexual attention might be pleasurable atrepparttar 105153 time but not when subsequently wrapped around a lamppost or underneath an HGV still doing 60MPH downrepparttar 105154 freeway!

When these drivers have had their shaving kits and make up bags confiscated and are safely tucked away behind bars then it might be safe forrepparttar 105155 average pedestrian to step foot outside once again and with confidence, without fear of being mowed down by cars driven by self-engrossed and selfish drivers who assume thatrepparttar 105156 conversation they are currently having is more important than life!

Author and Webmaster of Seamania. As a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy he has sailed the world for fifteen years. Now living in Taiwan he writes about cultures across the globe and life as he sees it.

Sending SMS in foreign languages for example Arabic, Greek, Hebrew etc.

Written by Marinda Stuiver

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Prior to development of a user-friendly Java based application, users had to be familiar with Hex andrepparttar conversion of Unicode characters into Hex in order forrepparttar 105119 binary data to be sent to recipients via mobile phones from web sites.

This now all changed for end users. The java based application used for sending Unicode, available on, allows users to send sms fromrepparttar 105120 web site inrepparttar 105121 language their keyboard is set to. Once logged in, users haverepparttar 105122 opportunity to choose whether they want to send their text message in Unicode or in English. After selecting Unicode,repparttar 105123 user is presented withrepparttar 105124 opportunity to send their message in Hex or based on their keyboard settings (Keyboard input).

The process is extremely simple and user friendly - if your keyboard is set (for example) to Greek, you simply typerepparttar 105125 message in and click on "send" -repparttar 105126 text will be delivered torepparttar 105127 recipient in Greek. Unicode is still limited to 70 Characters, which is a GSM restriction, butrepparttar 105128 use of 160 characters is currently under development.

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Biography: Marinda Stuiver has been working in the marketing industry since 1996. She worked as International sales and marketing consultant for Station Africa Telecoms where one of her responsibilities was media liaison during sponsored events such as the Camel Trophy 4X4 events, Kathy O’Dowd’s firs ascent of Mt Everest, the 1999 BT sponsored Vasco da Gama Yacht race and many more. Convergence of technologies is her main area of interest.

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