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Written by Steve Nash

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Simply visit your favourite web-building website. A favourite of mine is - a step-by-step guide to creating a web site -

If you have no knowledge of HTML and no intention of learning then I can highly recommend Dr Ken Evoy's Site Build It!. This clever suite of programs not only builds your website for you, it even promotes your site too (and a lot, lot more!) -

=> Promote Web Site, Paying Particular Attention To Google

Follow basic website promotion steps, adding your chosen keywords to your copy andrepparttar various meta tags. And concentrate getting your site listed onrepparttar 125098 Google search engine - *the* best search engine, and provider of Web Pages results for Yahoo! - -

And that really is it!

Byrepparttar 125099 way, when I say medium-term strategy, I have one site - - that already ranks well on Google forrepparttar 125100 keywords 'harry potter games' after a month or so, and another site,, that gets over 7000 page views per day after only 6 months in existence (no money spent on advertising!).

To get you started with this website promotion strategy, here are a few great search terms that are popular right now, but have little competition: 'guitar sheet music', 'free screensavers', 'digital cameras', 'birthday poems',...

Good luck.


Simply create a website based on high-demand but low-supply keywords. Make sure you design a search-engine-friendly website, and promote your site torepparttar 125101 major search engines (particularly Google). And in no time at all, you will have visitors, visitors, visitors at your website.

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Write for Publicity

Written by Shelley Lowery

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(5) Use proper grammar and spelling. Publishers will not takerepparttar time to edit your article. Make sure you read your article several times and use spellcheck.

(6) Avoid articles that are nothing more than a sales letter. Publishers want quality content and will simply delete an article that is written like a sales letter.

(7) Avoid referring readers to an affiliate URL. Articles containing affiliate links may make your article appear to be biased and untrustworthy.

(8) Write your articles with a sincere desire to teach and inform. Talk to your readers and share your expertise.

Once you've written your article, you'll need to develop a list of publishers that may be interested in publishing it. The best way to accomplish this is to display your articles on your website. Place a subscription box on each of your article pages to enable your visitors to subscribe. This list should be used to announce your new articles.

In addition, you can visit some ezine sites to locate publishers who may be interested in your articles. A good place to start is eZINESearch.

Search throughrepparttar 125097 database for publications that may be interested inrepparttar 125098 type of article you've written.

Another great way to promote your articles is to submit them to article announcement groups. These groups enable writers to submit their articles to an entire group of publishers, completely free.

Article Announcement Lists:

Article Announce Subscribe:

AABusiness Subscribe:

AAInternet Subscribe:

PublishInYours Subscribe:

Articles Archive Subscribe:

Free Content Subscribe:

Make sure you reviewrepparttar 125099 submission guidelines prior to posting your article to an announcement group.

Here are some additional promotional resources to help you get published:

Writing and distributing free articles onrepparttar 125100 Internet will be one ofrepparttar 125101 best promotional decisions you'll ever make. Not only will it provide you with free publicity, but if your articles are good, you'll become a trusted professional in your area of expertise.

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