This Simple Publishing Mistake Could Be Losing You Half Your Back End Sales!

Written by Jason Lewis

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Now,repparttar author ofrepparttar 108394 ebook had spent however long writing and compiling his ebook. The file name to him is instantly familiar; after all, he wasrepparttar 108395 one that namedrepparttar 108396 damn thing.

However, little old me ‘the customer’, who may be very keen to read his ebook again, didn’t have a clue whatrepparttar 108397 ebook was about, without opening it to find out. Now you might think that’s ok. I mean, how long does it take to open an ebook to see what it is. My point is, most people’s eyes will be drawn torepparttar 108398 ebooks with a descriptive file name that tellsrepparttar 108399 reader instantly whatrepparttar 108400 ebook is about.

What’srepparttar 108401 big deal?

I found a number of ebooks on my PC that I had forgotten I had even bought. Some of them I had quickly speed read, withrepparttar 108402 full intention on reading them properly when I had time. 6 months, a year went by and I kept overlooking them. I just forgot what they were, and just assumed they were some free ebook or something.

The end result being:

* I never read these ebooks a 2nd time.

* I never signed up to any ofrepparttar 108403 newsletters that were being promoted byrepparttar 108404 ebook authors. * I never bought any ofrepparttar 108405 products being recommended insiderepparttar 108406 ebooks.

* None of these ebook authors made a single back end sale from me.

I wonder how many ebook buyers have donerepparttar 108407 same as me? My very conservative guess is that at least 50% of people overlookrepparttar 108408 ebooks on their PC with filenames they don’t recognize. If I am right, you could be losing half your back end sales, if you choose not to give your ebook a descriptive filename.

If you have a website and you’re worried about Internet thieves, store your ebooks in a separate folder and give THAT a weird abbreviated name that no one would guess, not your ebooks!

If you have worked hard to write an ebook, do yourself a favor and finishrepparttar 108409 job off with a nice descriptive filename. Trust me, your readers, AND your bottom line will really appreciate it.

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The Heart of an Entrepreneur

Written by Jimmy L. Hutchinson Jr.

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Leading Example

Adam wasrepparttar first entrepreneur taking onrepparttar 108393 task of naming allrepparttar 108394 animals on earth and tending torepparttar 108395 Lord’s garden. I order for him to accomplish these things he needed to do a few things.

1. Set some goals 2. Have a Plan Action 3. Manage his time to be more productive 4. Get a clear understanding of his mission 5. Recognizerepparttar 108396 people around him 6. Have a mentor who understood him 7. Getrepparttar 108397 help he needed to be successful

Those that are entrepreneurs keep uprepparttar 108398 good work and those of you would want to be an entrepreneur check your heart atrepparttar 108399 door. Because once you enterrepparttar 108400 house of entrepreneurship there is no turning back forrepparttar 108401 true entrepreneur. We live to fight for financial freedom even if it takes years not days.

Jimmy L. Hutchinson Jr. is Senior Vice President of Tricomm Worldwide Funding helps give real estate investors a turnkey opportunity to financial freedom. Tricomm is a one shop for investors.


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