Thirty things you can do to avoid modern disease

Written by Simon Mitchell

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16. Avoid genetically modified food (GMO)

17. Eat slowly and chew food properly. Enjoy eating as a special moment when you ingest new energy for your being

18. Avoid vexatious media intrusions. Just because they thrive on a diet of drama, conflict and spectacle, it doesn't mean you have to

19. Adapt a lifestyle that is in tune with what is around you. Find time to enjoy life and do things that you love

20. Get out intorepparttar countryside regularly

21. Carry out your own 'genetic counselling'. Write downrepparttar 147760 ailments suffered by your ancestors and look for genetic weaknesses in your physiology. Act to compensate for perceived weaknesses

22. Think about your health at physical, intellectual, emotional and energetic levels

23. Look out for ways to experience 'healing moments' in your everyday existance

24. Inform yourself about your medical condition and explore alternatives if you are prescribed medical drugs. All medical drugs have side effects

25. Practice creative visualisation and other methods of positive thinking

26. Find constructive outlets for negative energy

27. Do things that give your life personal meaning for you

28. Get a hair analysis done to see if you are missing any minerals in your diet. The human body needs: 90 nutrients, 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, 3 essential fatty acids - check them out !

29. Readrepparttar 147761 labels on food. Avoid trans fats (Hydrogenated Vegetable oils) in biscuits and cakes. Make your own - its fun !

30. Do things that make you laugh

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YARROW TEA (Achillea Millefolium)

Written by Simon Mitchell

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DANGERS: Prolonged use of this tea may renderrepparttar skin sensitive to exposure to light. It is this 'side effect' that shows that Yarrow tea has some mild psychotropic effect. A couple of cups of this tea and you may notice a shift inrepparttar 147759 colour and intensity of light around you. For artists or photographers this photosensitiser can sometimes provide a useful shift in perception. However, another name attributed to Yarrow is 'Devil's Plaything' - one suspects that this name was given to several herbs used byrepparttar 147760 witches or 'Wise Women' who were systematically exterminated inrepparttar 147761 middle-ages.

Yarrow leaves have also been used in tobacco or snuff mixtures and a decoction rubbed intorepparttar 147762 head is said to delay balding. To make Yarrow tea add two or three fresh or dried leaves per person to boiling water and leave to infuse for 5 minutes or so. Sweeten this with honey if you like. Some people like it with a slice of lemon to give this 'tisane' a clean edge.

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