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Written by Vern Anderson

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After looking at different options for a few days, you decide, I will not turn all of my subscribers over to any one else.

You are afraid ofrepparttar horror stories of sites selling these list forrepparttar 124382 money involved. So you decide, I will do this myself, where I have control of my subscribers, and no one else.

Let me tell you what I did, and hopefully you will know better than to do this. I purchased a cgi script, since I know how to install cgi programs.

I didn't think this thru good enough, or I would have known, that this was not what I should be doing.

I paid, "hang onto your hat" $99.95 for this script. If you read my newsletter, you know what happened. My web host went down for about ten hours, andrepparttar 124383 end result was, I lost my entire subscriber list.

Thank God, I had most of it in my printed file as people subscribed. Think ofrepparttar 124384 fun I had going thru over three hundred pieces of paper, setting up a new list.

On that very day, I said to myself, "Vern" that's what I call myself, most ofrepparttar 124385 time. The other times, I can't put in print. I said this is going to change, before this happens again.

I tried many programs, ranging in price from $199.95 to $499.95. Some were so hard to setup, that you needed to be a computer expert to set it up.

I finally decided on Postmaster, $299.95, going to $349.95 very soon. I picked it, because a dummy like me can set it up.

I feel confident now that I can collect my subscribers info without having to worry about it.

Putting out this newsletter, takes time away from my advertising, but I thinkrepparttar 124386 advertising I get by putting it out, out weighsrepparttar 124387 time I missed promoting.

PS. If you are thinking of starting your own newsletter, (do it.) Send merepparttar 124388 way to subscribe, and I will.

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Easy Ezine Promotion

Written by Terri Seymour

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Ad Swaps

Once you get your ezine started, you will want to get your ad in other quality publications. A good and economical way of doing this is by ad swapping. You agree to place another publisher's ad in your ezine and he/she places your ad in their ezine. This is a very effective way of gaining subscribers. Subscribe to these lists for finding publishers who want to swap ads.


Every time you send out your email you can be sending out an announcement about your ezine. Put a small but informative signature atrepparttar bottom of your email.


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You can also put borders around your sigtag to bring more attention to it.

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