Thinking of Buying Hits To Your Website?! Think Again!

Written by Hamad Kadmany

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2. Email Blasters

Email marketing is a great way to promote your products or your business opportunity. With that said, email marketing is all about building a relationship with your mailing list, and NOT sending emails to people who didn’t request information from you!

First, I would doubt if anyone has a legal mailing list of 50 or so million of people that have asked for more information.

Secondly, sending email to millions who did NOT ask YOU for more information is considered spamming, and it will ruin your credibility, which is a very important key for a successful online business.

3. Automatic ‘Traffic For Clicks’ Software

Traffic for clicks are deals where you get traffic for every website or ad that you view. The more websites you browse,repparttar more credit you’ll get, which meansrepparttar 143517 more your own website will be displayed to others usingrepparttar 143518 same service.

I have noticed an ad for a software that automatically browses others websites, so you would getrepparttar 143519 credit without having to do anything... I laughed out loud after giving it some thought, here’s why...

Let’s assume you buy such software, you activate it and go to sleep. The software starts browsing others websites, and you get a HUGE credit. Meanwhile, someone else is using a similar software, and HIS software is browsing YOUR website, and vice versa!

So you get tons of hits, your web statistics will show an amazing rate of visitors. However,repparttar 143520 ‘people’ visiting your website, are actually a small ‘piece’ of software ;-)

I could go on and give more examples. The saying “it sounds too good to be true” applies here! While some of those tools might have worked for some (probablyrepparttar 143521 first guys who laid their hand on them), they do NOT build a solid base for a successful online business.

To avoid any of those hypes, just use your common sense, ask your self a simple question: If you knew a quick way to drive millions to your websites instantly and without some efforts, would you give that secret away?!

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What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Written by Stephanie Davies

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But before you get discouraged, I do have good news for you! There are ways to get people to actually look at your site and pay attention to it! A few tips and tricks to use are:

1. Don't makerepparttar page long and filled with text. In fact, a great thing to do is to make a splash page that catches their attention, with a "bookmark me" and "enter here" link. With only a 10-30 second window to catch someone's eye, you have to be loud, bold, and fast! Use obnoxiously bright colors, get straight torepparttar 143428 point, and offer a fast easy way for them to bookmark you or open your site in a new window so it doesn't interrupt their surfing. That is why is it a good idea to make a seperate page that you use only for exchanges.

2. Offer something that they want that they will see and stay for. Free samples, free ebooks, and especially free advertising. Anything that you can give them that will give them an incentive to take a second look at your site.

3. Get rid ofrepparttar 143429 popups. Most exchanges won't allow more than one popup window, if any. And when surfers hit a popup window, or anything else that interrupts their quest for credits, it merely annoys them and makes them want to leave your site faster.

It is possible to get visitors to your site, and signups for programs using traffic exchanges. However you have to think like a surfer in order to do so. You also have to be active inrepparttar 143430 exchange. Obviously,repparttar 143431 more people surfing,repparttar 143432 morerepparttar 143433 exchange works.

So where can you find a good traffic exchange? I am about to give you several links torepparttar 143434 ones that I have found to berepparttar 143435 best ofrepparttar 143436 best. I am personally a member of over 150 exchanges, and have a good idea of which ones are worth surfing. All I ask is that you please use my referral link given below.

With this information you can makerepparttar 143437 most of traffic exchanges, and get visitors and customers to your website. Happy surfing!

------------------------ Stephanie Davies is a 26 year old Missourian with 10 years of internet experience. She currently owns and operates 6 high profile websites as well as her own handmade incense company, Mystickal Incense & More at

Stephanie Davies is a 26 year old Missourian with 10 years of internet experience. She currently owns and operates 6 high profile websites as well as her own handmade incense company, Mystickal Incense & More at

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