Thinking about selling your home?

Written by Donald Lee

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Create a soothing selling atmosphere. Imaginerepparttar last time you visited a bed and breakfast. Your home should be as welcoming and accommodating as that. One easy way to accomplish this is by brightening uprepparttar 118019 place. Turn on all your lights for your visitors. Plus, fluff up your bedroom. After all, most people wantrepparttar 118020 bedroom to berepparttar 118021 most comfortable spot inrepparttar 118022 house. Make sure it isóat least when buyers are around.

Clearrepparttar 118023 joint. Along withrepparttar 118024 last rule, there isrepparttar 118025 standard real estate practice of vacatingrepparttar 118026 premises when buyers come for tours. This is done for good reason. Buyers are there to evaluate your home, not meet your sisters, sons, cousins, and cats. So send your family torepparttar 118027 mall for a day of shopping, or torepparttar 118028 park for a picnic.

Cutrepparttar 118029 clutter. All of your stuff can get inrepparttar 118030 way, too. Thatís why itís important to start packing and storing your personal belongings as soon as you know youíre going to move. An empty house is a cleaner looking house is a more attractive house. You donít want your perspective buyer opening a closet and having a bowling ball fall on their head, do you?

Make a killing on said clutter. One option is to simply move your personal items to your new home and create instant clutter there. Thatísrepparttar 118031 way ofrepparttar 118032 pack rat. Or, you could sell what you no longer need and turn a quick profit. Thatísrepparttar 118033 way ofrepparttar 118034 fat cat.

If you choose wiselyóthe latter optionóbe sure not to hold your garage sale onrepparttar 118035 same days as your open houses. Neighbors in their undershirts and jeans on your front lawn do make for a great sales ploy. Instead, it makes you look desperate and could hurt you come negotiations. Schedule your yard sale on separate days.

Better yet, sell your goods online. Classified Web sites allow you to negotiate with potential buyers, getrepparttar 118036 best rates for your stuff, and ship it off at your own convenience. And itís all accomplished on your own time, inside your own home (where you can wear your undershirt and jeans and no one will care).

Take a deep breath. Lastly, never letrepparttar 118037 home-selling experience overwhelm you. Sure, there are a load of responsibilities to take care of. But that is what your real estate agent is there for. They handle all ofrepparttar 118038 grunt work. They do all ofrepparttar 118039 hard talking withrepparttar 118040 buyer. They make allrepparttar 118041 follow-up calls. And they showcase your home for you. Your job is just to smile, be polite, and answerrepparttar 118042 buyerís questions if they come up.

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Thinking about building a Log Cabin?

Written by Jack Hudson

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Aroundrepparttar outer edges of your cottage build a form as shown inrepparttar 118018 picture atrepparttar 118019 side. I assume that you didn't knockrepparttar 118020 walls of your trench in; if you did, be sure to clean them out again. You are now ready to layrepparttar 118021 reinforcing down. The usual procedure is to use wire mesh weighing 40 pounds per 100 square feet.

If you can't get it,repparttar 118022 best substitute that I have seen is heavy turkey wire (welded type). Roll outrepparttar 118023 mesh. Put some small rocks under it so that whenrepparttar 118024 concrete is poured,repparttar 118025 mesh will be inrepparttar 118026 slab. Alongrepparttar 118027 bottom ofrepparttar 118028 trench use two %-inch reinforcing bars. You're actually building a concrete beam aroundrepparttar 118029 perimeter ofrepparttar 118030 building.

You are now ready forrepparttar 118031 big pour. By this time you will probably be willing to call for transit mix. When you ask for this prepared mix, tell them you wantrepparttar 118032 kind that reaches a minimum compressive strength of 2,000 pounds per square inch in 28 days. If you are going to mix your own concrete, use I part portland cement, 2 parts sand, 4 parts coarse aggregate, and enough water to make it sloppy.

The actual water content should not exceed 7|/2 gallons per bag of cement. The table will help you to figure how much you will need. The thickness ofrepparttar 118033 concrete slab should be a minimum of 3 inches. After you haverepparttar 118034 framing up, you will want to add one more inch of smooth concrete for your final finish (I part cement, 3 parts sand).

You can also add color to this batch if you don't likerepparttar 118035 natural gray ofrepparttar 118036 concrete. There you are. Except that you should also put some 6-inch stove bolts alongrepparttar 118037 outer edge ofrepparttar 118038 slab, about 8 feet on center, starting roughly I foot fromrepparttar 118039 corner, to fasten your sill. If you are going to userepparttar 118040 cottage year-round and are building inrepparttar 118041 northern states, insulaterepparttar 118042 outside perimeter with Fiberglas boards.

If you userepparttar 118043 slab described, be sure thatrepparttar 118044 soil is porous. Heavy clay or stiff soil will requirerepparttar 118045 building of foundation walls torepparttar 118046 frost line to prevent heaving.

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