Thinking Creatively

Written by Harry Hoover

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Creative Potential Realized Everyone hasrepparttar potential to be creative. Creativity isn’t just a flash of lightning. It is a deliberate, disciplined process. Let’s take a look atrepparttar 100973 questions we ask ourselves in order to free our creativity: 1. Why are we communicating? 2. Who are we talking to? 3. What would we like them to think? 4. What isrepparttar 100974 single most persuasive idea we can convey? 5. Are there creative guidelines? (e.g. budget, logos/colors, illustrations)

Let me explain briefly what these questions are really getting at. The first question is “what has led torepparttar 100975 need for this communication?” It can include any number of things like: Are there misconceptions about us? Do we have a new product/service? Are we reinforcingrepparttar 100976 brand? Is this for awareness, or do we have a more retail message? "Who are we talking to" helps us define our audience beyondrepparttar 100977 too-broad “all carbon-based life forms.” Even if it is a broad-based audience, we should try to give it some focus, e.g. adults, 25 - 49, high school educated. "What would we like them to think" addresses tone and manner or underlying brand-specific attributes we want to leave our audience with. "What isrepparttar 100978 single most important thought we can convey" speaks to our core message and product/service benefit. This always should be fromrepparttar 100979 consumer perspective. What doesrepparttar 100980 consumer REALLY get out of this? Now that we’ve donerepparttar 100981 research and asked allrepparttar 100982 questions, it’s time to let ideas flow on concepts, content, medium, style. Remember, creativity takes time. Being more creative is not just as a gift. It is an ongoing commitment and practice. And requires exercise. Now, go be creative.

Harry Hoover is managing principal of Hoover ink PR, He has 25 years of experience in crafting and delivering bottom line messages that ensure success for serious businesses like Duke Energy, InterCerve, Levolor, North Carolina Tourism, VELUX and Verbatim.

Use The Magic Of Words For Effective Advertising

Written by Lena Sanchez

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People are curious when they can't seerepparttar whole picture of something they are interested in; words like "private site," "exclusive members area," "insider access" or "restricted info." Moreover, people not only loverepparttar 100972 security of hidden information andrepparttar 100973 idea thatrepparttar 100974 information/products/services is all together in a single place that's easy to access, learn and digest creating, all of which creates curiosity as well.

Words that give perceived value is a grabber of sales/customers/clients also;

Perceived value is another grabber of sales/customers andrepparttar 100975 words that convey perceived value are; "secret formula," "custom checklist," "unique process," "specialized system" "mystical secrets" and so on, all helping to heighten perceived value because these phrases imply less time, money and effort in finding that same information elsewhere should you desire that particular information. Michael Fortin and many other internet successful long lasting Internet business people, use terms such as: "Proficiency Program," "Secret Formula," "Inner Circle," "Hidden Vault," "Mentoring System," "Treasure Trove," "Coveted Toolkit," etc. Grabbing their customers/clients with them.

A word of "caution" here - These words or any other success words will not work if you truly do not haverepparttar 100976 information or product/service that stands up to their hype. So first rule is to make sure your product/service really is what you wantrepparttar 100977 words to convey! Otherwise somewhere downrepparttar 100978 road you will gain a reputation of "liar," "dishonest," "untruthful," etc. Killing your business!

Real success isrepparttar 100979 follow up (known as backend selling) business, notrepparttar 100980 first time customers/clients so it will not pay to falsify advertising!

Use those words that will make you a success NOW!

Honesty is imperative!

*** Lena Sanchez is CEO of OLH Marketing Enterprise an online business since 1997 - - Consultant on health matters as well as Internet business. Editor of "Natural Environmental Health & Business Facts!" Meet her at Get your business online today by contacting her at

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