Think like a Genius

Written by Tina Konstant

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One ofrepparttar reasons why this technique works is because instead of gathering your team and accusing them of poor performance, thus settingrepparttar 141072 scene for blame or denial, you are in fact asking questions that give peoplerepparttar 141073 opportunity to examine their performance without feeling threatened or singled out. By asking questions you might find that “poor performance” is caused byrepparttar 141074 fact that people feel obliged to work late each night and are exhausted. This problem is comparatively easy to solve because, unlike “general poor performance” it is clearly definable.

It’s important to carry out this exercise with allrepparttar 141075 people involved. It’s also important to make it a safe and open forum so that people feel free to contribute without thinking that one wrong answer with generate a P45.

Active Daydreaming. One main difference betweenrepparttar 141076 way Einstein thought andrepparttar 141077 way most other people think is that his method was more disciplined. Take a moment to consider what you think about in a typical day. What arerepparttar 141078 chances of you generating your theory of relativity based on what presently occupies your mind? Give yourself a mark from 1 to 10 (1 being – no chance: 10 being – I would have but Einstein just happened to get there first!)

Using your imagination and thinking processes constructively while you solve problems gives your mindrepparttar 141079 “stuff” it needs to be productive (create new ideas) as distinct from re-productive (create more ofrepparttar 141080 old).

Using Active Daydreaming. Do this exercise with a colleague or use a tape recorder.

·First, write down in a single sentencerepparttar 141081 problem you are working on. ·Set a timer for as much time as you can afford ·Sit back, close your eyes, breathe deeply and relax. ·State your problem and desired outcome out loud, and then describe allrepparttar 141082 images and thoughts that come into your head. Just start to talk. It doesn’t matter whatrepparttar 141083 images or thoughts are; don’t disregard anything. It is important to speak out loud for two reasons, one, you wont miss anything, two, you are more likely to stay awake and focused! ·Carry on at least untilrepparttar 141084 clock goes off or when you have come across an answer or idea that you sense might warrant further investigation. ·Take a short break then listen torepparttar 141085 tape or studyrepparttar 141086 notes your colleague made. ·Then, organise your thoughts. ·If you worked with a colleague swap over. Once you have both carried outrepparttar 141087 exercise, compare notes.

Have fun with your brain :-)

Tina Konstant is an author and professional speaker on subjects including speed-reading and learning. Previous publications include "Teach Yourself Speed-reading" and "Successful Speed-reading in a week", both published by Hodder and Stoughton, "Mental Space", published by Pearson and "The Ultimate Speed-reading E-Book" published on

Discover The Make-Up Artist in You

Written by Valerie Garner

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Look at your eyes closely now. You want to create balance. Not every eye will look best withrepparttar typical medium color onrepparttar 140903 lid, darkest inrepparttar 140904 crease and highlighter onrepparttar 140905 brow. Again, look at your eye shape, what needs brought forth (light), and what needs to recede (dark). A person with deep-set eyes for example will do best with a light to medium shade on their lid,repparttar 140906 lightest side in their crease, and a medium shade on their brow bone. The person withrepparttar 140907 deep-set eyes needs to avoid dark colors altogether, it will only accentuaterepparttar 140908 problem. Havingrepparttar 140909 lightest color inrepparttar 140910 crease will help bring forth their eyes, making their eyes look bigger, wider and not set back. This isrepparttar 140911 opposite pattern of what is typically told.

If a person has eyes that are close set together, you want light colors aroundrepparttar 140912 inside areas ofrepparttar 140913 eyes (nearrepparttar 140914 nose) to giverepparttar 140915 appearance of more space being there, makingrepparttar 140916 eyes look wider apart, and darker colors onrepparttar 140917 outside edges.

Play withrepparttar 140918 different looks until you getrepparttar 140919 right one for your bone structure. It also helps to stand back away from a mirror, from across a room to look, as you get a better feel of overall balance than right up close. Don’t be afraid to try new combos you hadn’t thought of before, it might berepparttar 140920 perfect fit for you!

By Valerie Garner-Mother, grandmother and candlemaker / owner of Joyful Designs in Soy. She loves to write on a variety of topics with a warm, and engaging style.

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