Think You Control Your Domain Name? Think Again!

Written by Butch Pujol

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What doesrepparttar technical contact control? Basically, where your Web site "lives." What happens if you submit a hosting transfer request and your technical contact (not you - someone atrepparttar 108309 business you got your domain name from) does not respond torepparttar 108310 message? Your domain name is trapped! Worse case scenario… your site is down for days or weeks because your Web site lives at one place, and your domain name lives somewhere else.

And finally,repparttar 108311 billing contact. At some point it will be time to renew your domain name registration. Most registrars send a notice torepparttar 108312 billing contact 30 days beforerepparttar 108313 payment is due. For whatever reason,repparttar 108314 person listed asrepparttar 108315 billing contact does not contact you aboutrepparttar 108316 renewal. You just lost your domain name due to expiration!

Your Domain Name Is Being Held Hostage

When a domain name registration company forces itself intorepparttar 108317 contact fields of your registration records, it's commonly know as being "held hostage."

I personally know of countless horror stories of online business owners who have fought tirelessly to "free" their domain names and regain control. They will be glad to tell yourepparttar 108318 woes of losing control of your URL. So what do you do about it? How do you get back full control of your business?

Steps To Take

Make sure when you register a domain name thatrepparttar 108319 registrant, administrative, technical and billing contacts are in your name. Just as soon as you receive confirmation and access information, log in and change any "forced" contact information to your name.

Use a contact email address you will always have. A good one isrepparttar 108320 one associated with your domain name. The email address on record must matchrepparttar 108321 email address you are sending a request from. If you use an email associated with your ISP (,, and later change ISPs, you'll have to make contact information corrections prior to making any transfers, etc.

And lastly, if at all possible, register with a company that provides you with a management or control center. This is - without a doubt -repparttar 108322 safest way to go.

·You won't have to wait for someone else to make needed changes.

·You won't have to ask anyone for permission to make changes.

·You will never be deniedrepparttar 108323 changes you need to make.

·You won't lose your domain name becauserepparttar 108324 company listed as "contact" closed or was bought out.

·You won't lose your domain name because you weren't notified ofrepparttar 108325 renewal date.

·You WILL be in full control ofrepparttar 108326 most important part of your company - your domain name.

Take back control of your domain name today. Makerepparttar 108327 necessary adjustments torepparttar 108328 contacts on record so that your URL can never be held hostage.

Butch Pujol is an online Consumer Advocate who helps you make the most of the Internet. He is the author of "The Consumer's Guide to Internet Safety & Online Professionalism" and founder of Safe Domain Solutions and Safe Internet Business Solutions Contact

Renew Your Domain Name!

Written by Dennis Eppestine

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No one likes to make mistakes, least of all me! But if this article helps just one person, then hey - I don't mind sharing all my mistakes! It'srepparttar only way to learn. Just take my advice so you don't have to go through this, too.

If your web hosting service does not provide notification for you, and you don't remember when your registration expires, visit and you'll be able to find out your expiration date.

To renew your domain name registration, just visit your current web hosting service and RENEW! It only takes a minute, and believe me - you'll be glad you did.

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