Think Like a Publicist To Achieve Like a Star

Written by Anne Marie Baugh

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Begin to explore your own unique angles and media curves by keeping notes on your thoughts and attitudes. Scribble, color, or paint it out - it really doesn't matter as long as you begin to devote time to exploring your "story". Not your ad, not your price, not your product, but your story.

Once you've angled into your own unique media offerings, findrepparttar appropriate avenues to make your pitch. Take care though,repparttar 101237 media should always be treated with good will and respect. Do not, I repeat, do not go forrepparttar 101238 hard sell. This is notrepparttar 101239 time. If you must, saverepparttar 101240 hard sell for marketing, or better yet, chuck it all together. Do not wheedle, whine, or begrepparttar 101241 media. Make your pitch, respect their time, and their decision, then work toward building long term relationships. Inrepparttar 101242 end, you'll haverepparttar 101243 kind of names in your pocket to begin dropping at parties, and you will be a star! A star withrepparttar 101244 mind of a publicist.

See you atrepparttar 101245 Oscars!

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Written by B.L. Ochman

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TIP: Send email or a fax containing onlyrepparttar bare bones of your story. Put your release, background, executive bios, White Papers and other documentation on a unique URL onrepparttar 101236 company web site. If you are asked to send more information, tellrepparttar 101237 editorrepparttar 101238 size of your file before you send it.

Should you send tsotchkes? Yes and No. Will sending tsotchkes (novelties) to editors help you get their attention? Yes and no. "It's a nuisance. I throw most of them away," says David Zeilenziger, who covers People In Business at Bloomberg Business. "But just yesterday I received a huge package from a consumer-related site and inside was just a candy bar. I did go torepparttar 101239 site and I calledrepparttar 101240 company. And they haven't returned my call."

"They don't help at all. I've got them scattered all overrepparttar 101241 office," says Joachim. "If it's food, I leave it onrepparttar 101242 table outside. Others I either share, give away or throw out."

"If they're clever they get my attention, but they don't necessarily get ink," says Crumpley. "A larger gift hasrepparttar 101243 taint of a bribe. So then we have to do something with it. We'll donate it torepparttar 101244 orphan's fund or something and then we have to write a letter to whoever sent it and say this is what we did. Who has time for all that?"

Dave Elbert, Business Editor of The Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA, concurs, "We have an ethics code that prohibits accepting freebies and that means I have to find some way to dispose of them."

TIP: If your tsotchke is clever and small, you might not get a story, but you might get name recognition. Branding. Might hurt, could help.

Should you leaverepparttar 101245 price of your product or another important detail out of your release? Yes and no. "I can seerepparttar 101246 rationale," says Crumpley, "but it's a tricky call. If you knowrepparttar 101247 editor or reporter might be interested, it might be good strategy. If it's kind of a weak story, you might be shooting yourself inrepparttar 101248 foot."

Clearly, positioning a company to receiverepparttar 101249 press coverage so valuable in establishing a brand, attracting investors and selling products is not a simple matter.

Probablyrepparttar 101250 most important rule to remember is that journalists need to know what's new, what's hot and what's affecting a lot of people. Keep their needs in mind and you may very well end up with media coverage.

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