Things to see on your next Torrevieja and Alicante holiday

Written by Robert Carlton

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Natural Parks to visit

When you leave Torrevieja onrepparttar highway marked C-332, you will be heading forrepparttar 146978 Natural park ofrepparttar 146979 Lagoons ofrepparttar 146980 Mata. To be sure you will be able to visit this paradise correctly, it would be recommendable to get information and book a date because there is a maximum of 35 people allowed at a time. The most interesting fauna arerepparttar 146981 birds likerepparttar 146982 stone curlew and inrepparttar 146983 winter there is a great concentration ofrepparttar 146984 diving birds and important nucleus of storks, eagles and and avocets. Onrepparttar 146985 other hand,repparttar 146986 salt swamps export salt all overrepparttar 146987 world. And if that was not enough, salt baths are also recommended for some types of illnesses such as arthritis and skin diseases having become quite popular inrepparttar 146988 19th century. Butrepparttar 146989 best part of this excursion is whenrepparttar 146990 sun reflects in these salt mountains.

Even though this city has a lot to do, it is easy and fun to make day excursion travelling uprepparttar 146991 Costa Blanca to visit Santa Pola onrepparttar 146992 outskirts of Alicante, then on to Benidorm with its fantastic theme parks of all kinds, Altea and Javea. Getrepparttar 146993 most out of your stay and travel.

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How To Find Fine Luggage Set?

Written by Rose Anne

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