Things You Should Know In Buying A Car Online

Written by John G. Nuble

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sites offer various resources in buying a car not just online but also offline. With an aim to providerepparttar buyers information onrepparttar 142670 process of buying cars online,repparttar 142671 sites also offer articles with tips and tricks on buying a car. Another great resource is their frequently asked questions. Click onrepparttar 142672 section. Chances are,repparttar 142673 question you are asking about buying a car is there.


Sites offer web forms and other features that may help you with your decision. Sites like for example provides multiple price quotes from various dealers. Others have features you can use to comparerepparttar 142674 specs of one car model torepparttar 142675 other. This is especially handy if you have not yet made your decision on which car to buy. Another great thing with websites, it can show how many are available and what colorrepparttar 142676 car is available in. Clearly, it eliminates allrepparttar 142677 walking around scouting for a better deal.


Websites often serve as a portal to another portal. Sites like AutobyByTel, for instance, can link you to their large network of car dealers all overrepparttar 142678 US. This is actually one ofrepparttar 142679 original sites that have helped people when they were buying a car overrepparttar 142680 Internet. Some sites also provide links to various service and information in buying a car.

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Car Leasing for Beginners

Written by Al Hearn

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- Do you typically keep your vehicles in good condition and change vehicles every few years? If so, you may be right for leasing. Lease providers require you to keep their vehicle maintained and repaired, with no more than normal wear and tear. If you don't, you'll be charged atrepparttar end of your lease.

- How is your credit rating? If you have a history of paying your bills on time and don't have excessive debt, you are a good lease candidate. Otherwise, you may be required to make a large down payment and pay higher finance charges or, worse, be refusedrepparttar 142620 opportunity to lease.

Shopping for a Lease

The most important element of a good lease deal isrepparttar 142621 price ofrepparttar 142622 vehicle. Regardless of whether you buy or lease, you should always getrepparttar 142623 best possible price first. When leasing, this price becomesrepparttar 142624 capital cost, or "cap cost." Prior loan balances and fees may be added. Rebates, discounts, down payments, and trade-in credit are subtracted. The lowerrepparttar 142625 capital cost,repparttar 142626 lower your monthly payment. This isrepparttar 142627 only element of a lease deal that a dealer directly controls.

The remaining elements of a lease money factor, residual value, and related fees are controlled byrepparttar 142628 lease provider and are not negotiable.

Since a lease is simply another form of financing, interest charges apply. These interest charges are known as "money factor." Money factor is expressed as a very small number such as .00375, which is equivalent to 9% annual interest rate. Again, a small money factor results in lower monthly lease payments.

Residual value is an estimate of a vehicle's wholesale value atrepparttar 142629 end of a lease term. The longerrepparttar 142630 lease,repparttar 142631 smallerrepparttar 142632 residual value. Your lease payment is primarily determined byrepparttar 142633 difference between cap cost and residual value, which isrepparttar 142634 amount thatrepparttar 142635 value ofrepparttar 142636 vehicle depreciates duringrepparttar 142637 lease. The higherrepparttar 142638 residual value,repparttar 142639 lowerrepparttar 142640 lease cost.

Sales tax may also be included in your monthly payment, depending onrepparttar 142641 state you live in.

You can easily calculate car lease payments, once you knowrepparttar 142642 key factors, using this Lease Calculator by

Leasing Fees

There may be certain fees associated with your lease. The fees that lease providers charge vary both in kind and amount. One ofrepparttar 142643 most common is an "acquisition fee", which is an administrative charge forrepparttar 142644 work in initiating a lease. Another common fee is a disposition fee, usually charged atrepparttar 142645 end of your lease when you return your vehicle.

You may also be charged atrepparttar 142646 end of your lease for excessive mileage, damages, and unusual wear-and-tear.

Atrepparttar 142647 beginning of your lease, you will be asked to payrepparttar 142648 first month's payment, a security deposit, a down payment, if any, and applicable miscellaneous fees associated with licensing a vehicle in your state. You will also be asked to show proof of insurance.

Driving Your Leased Vehicle

Your vehicle must be driven and cared for according torepparttar 142649 terms specified in your lease contract. Generally, this means keepingrepparttar 142650 vehicle in good condition, using it for lawful purposes, maintaining insurance, and allowing it to be driven only by licensed drivers.

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