Things Not to Believe

Written by Joyce C. Lock

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If you weren't guilty this time, count it forrepparttar time you were guilty and didn't get caught.

Not even our law judges a person before they have had a chance to speak for themselves.

If you get into trouble at school, you should also get into trouble at home.

God doesn't punish twice forrepparttar 132473 same crime and double jeopardy is againstrepparttar 132474 law when done to adults.

It isn't punishment. It's discipline.

Punishment, by any other name, is stillrepparttar 132475 same.

Obedience to teachings of men will win you favor with God.

If any lack wisdom, ask God yourself.

We do things to our children that God doesn't even do to us. Child Abuse was once legal, inrepparttar 132476 name ofrepparttar 132477 Lord. Who are we listening to now? Isn't it about time we userepparttar 132478 brain God gave us, let God be our example and become spiritual ministers toward our children, instead of waiting for others to do it?

by Joyce C. Lock This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.

In addition to being a published author and poet, Joyce C. Lock created the religion column, "Christianity Made Simple" for Peru Daily Tribune, continues to write inspirational articles for area newspapers, and shares further in online and e-mail ministries.

Cannabis, misunderstandings and possibilities.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

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The Government has abdicated responsibility for what it should do forrepparttar country, it should reassessrepparttar 132472 obligation it has to every British citizen no matter what colour or creed age or infirmity, and do what is right for all of us, instead of creating divisions of poor and rich, educated and non educated, treated and sick, fined in cars rather than protected in their own homes.

It should first and foremost completely streamlinerepparttar 132473 rail and power infrastructure and get free school buses for all in place. We would not need to spend millions on roads, see them cracking up underrepparttar 132474 strain and wait hours in queues, and be uncompetative abroad if we had a bloody train system that worked properly, and a Government not in striking unions pockets. Then we could address our inner cities, schools, hospitals and roads with renewed vigour andrepparttar 132475 optimism thatrepparttar 132476 money is actually there and not being flagrantly thrown down a black hole of red tape and incompetence.

Can you imagine whatrepparttar 132477 Army would do with any one of these problems, on a professional basis? So if that isrepparttar 132478 case, why cant we manage to dorepparttar 132479 same in civil life, if not for apathy, greed , self important beurocrats, and idiotic causes sponsored solely for their vote. This country needs a government and a Royal family withrepparttar 132480 country at heart, with a firm professional agenda on crucial issues andrepparttar 132481 strength to implement them now. We also need them to take our youth in hand and educate them away fromrepparttar 132482 seditious claws of a greedy marketplace brainwashing them via television programming, that normal life is series of arguments and divorces, that soap operas are a true reflection of real life though they have to be super agitated every second for thirty minutes, and sensationalised beyond belief. We were not weaned on television fromrepparttar 132483 cradle, most of our under twenty fives have been , and have been exposed to this trash for all of their life and given substandard education to counteract it, little wonder they are mostly all led byrepparttar 132484 nose.

Is virtually legalising cannabis in its present toxic chemical form going to help them think clearly and objectively, and are they likely to go on to put right what is wrong in Britain later in their lives when getting out of bed each morning is achieved about one pm in a blurred confusion, and their brain is steadily being eaten away? We are failing our own youth by letting them have their own way, and not standing up for what is right. Just because we had a harsh youth does not mean being soft helps anyone, life is hard, and ignoring failings early on just stores up problems of a greater nature inrepparttar 132485 future. If we do not deal with drugs andrepparttar 132486 failure to fund our inner cities and give people proper amenities and proper councelling then we are doomed to failure and violent backlashes, virtually legalising byrepparttar 132487 back door one ofrepparttar 132488 most unpredictable drugs affectingrepparttar 132489 brain is worrying to sayrepparttar 132490 least, and not actually telling kids thatrepparttar 132491 stuff is forty times stronger and a chemical or pure dosage is remiss at least and criminal at worst.

They userepparttar 132492 language we used, and chill out and are cool, even mobile phone adverts harp onrepparttar 132493 drug culture language to sell, a cool phone. What no one is telling them all is that we would not take once what they take every waking day, and I debate whether twelve or thirteen year olds are sufficiently aware to be allowed to partake of what can be deadly. You cant prescribe some brian altering drugs under eighteen years of age, that affect serotonin levels to induce anti depressant effects, yet you can stand by and watch kids of twelve smoke cannabis.

Atrepparttar 132494 very least I have tried to tell it like it is as I see it on these pages and inrepparttar 132495 thoughts column, as I feel I am somewhat divorced from media control, and watch little of what passes for entertainment on our not dumbed down but crude and clumsy television fare, what could berepparttar 132496 greatest educator inrepparttar 132497 world is used for distinctly dubious and subversive ends, to sell, and to brainwash where possible inrepparttar 132498 process. Cannabis use is notrepparttar 132499 most potent form of awareness therapy when faced withrepparttar 132500 television threat, and one wonders whetherrepparttar 132501 present Government actually likes this state of affairs as it too governs viarepparttar 132502 media directly torepparttar 132503 public thanks torepparttar 132504 liar Blair, when not kow towing and fawning to Bush,, and killing our troops inrepparttar 132505 process in someone elses war.

I rest my case, if you want to kill your own minds after all this information from a disinterested source who profits nothing inrepparttar 132506 telling and may even suffer abuse because of it, then it is your mind you are destroying, and your life you are shortening. Ive been an alcoholic, a chain smoker and addicted to bloody painkillers. I have dealt with all three, kicking cannabis should be not quite as bad as any one of these, believe me, and you definitely do not want to go where I have been, ever. Instead of a group and gang culture you have to realise that inrepparttar 132507 end it comes down to you. We are all totally alone, when all is said and done, and stand and falll on our own actions, and if you make three or four very close friends in life thats about it. So it pays to think for yourself, andrepparttar 132508 earlier you startrepparttar 132509 better, its too easy to get dragged into things you would not normally do when in a crowd, better to be an individual, preferably with a clear mind.

When stating this I admit I was well educated byrepparttar 132510 state at a Grammar school , and television was a tad less sophisticated to sayrepparttar 132511 least, after all you do not spend one hundred thousand pounds odd on a twenty second advert that will NOT subvert peoples minds, do you? I can merely warn, and point outrepparttar 132512 pitfalls, it is up to you to be strong, for all our futures.

I am a retired systems programmer. Used to be a Civil Engineer. Now try to help people out.

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