They Said It on TV, So It Must Be True

Written by Dave Soucy

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Next,repparttar body does not know why it is suddenly getting less food, so a million years or so of evolution kick in and direct it to go into famine survival mode. Fat isrepparttar 145979 body's long term survival energy source, so it decides that it must conserve fat to survive. That is probably not what you were hoping to hear, but unfortunately that isrepparttar 145980 way it works. In order to make uprepparttar 145981 deficit in available energy sources brought on byrepparttar 145982 diet,repparttar 145983 body begins to break down muscle to use as an energy source. Another important science nugget to know is that muscle is metabolically active tissue and fat is not. In other words, muscle burns calories throughoutrepparttar 145984 day, while fat just sits there. The more muscle you have,repparttar 145985 more calories you burn, even if you are just sitting onrepparttar 145986 couch. Of course, as we just discovered,repparttar 145987 dieter is losing muscle due torepparttar 145988 calorie restricted diet, so he is now actually burning fewer calories throughoutrepparttar 145989 day. Again, looking to surviverepparttar 145990 perceived famine,repparttar 145991 body becomes more efficient at storing fat and slowing down its metabolism to adjust torepparttar 145992 lack of food coming in. Haven’t we all heard someone complain that no matter how much they diet, they cannot lose weight because they arerepparttar 145993 victim of a slow metabolism? The reality is that, forrepparttar 145994 vast majority of people, we arerepparttar 145995 CREATORS of our metabolism, NOTrepparttar 145996 victims of it. Nowrepparttar 145997 body has slowed down it's metabolism torepparttar 145998 point whererepparttar 145999 dieter stops losing weight. The usual reaction is to cut calories back even further. Of course, as we now understand, this only compoundsrepparttar 146000 problem as more muscle will be broken down, further hinderingrepparttar 146001 body's ability to burn calories throughoutrepparttar 146002 day. Diets based on calorie deprivation usually are not sustainable forrepparttar 146003 long term, and eventuallyrepparttar 146004 dieter becomes discouraged and returns to their pre-diet eating routine. Unfortunately, this person has slowed down their metabolism significantly and is burning fewer calories than they were pre-diet. So, when they go back to their old eating habits,repparttar 146005 weight comes right back on and it comes back as fat, not asrepparttar 146006 muscle that they lost. If they started out at 200 lbs with 25% body fat and lost 15 lbs duringrepparttar 146007 diet, when they gainrepparttar 146008 weight back and hit 200 lbs again, their body fat percentage will now probably be closer to 30%! This is an illustration of a term most people are familiar with, yo-yo dieting, and it is why surveys show that over 80% of people who lose weight by dieting alone say that they gained back all ofrepparttar 146009 weight they lost, if not more, within a year. Does this mean that people should just give up trying to lose weight? Not at all. It just means people need to stop looking forrepparttar 146010 next quick fix diet that comes downrepparttar 146011 road. Nobody wants to hear that it takes actual effort to lose weight, but I am sorry to say that it does. It should say something thatrepparttar 146012 obesity rate in this country continues to climb while all ofrepparttar 146013 diet gurus out there rake in millions from innocent people looking for a solution. Obviously, reasons for being overweight vary, and every individual responds in a unique way to a weight loss program. But, for true long term fat loss and improved overall health and fitness, there are some common sense truths: * A need to eat a balanced diet containing complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, and essential fats. Avoid highly processed carbohydrates, excess sugars, and excess saturated fats. * Eating smaller, more frequent meals throughoutrepparttar 146014 day is better than eating 2 or 3 larger meals. You will have more energy throughoutrepparttar 146015 day, and your body will burn calories more efficiently. * Performing moderate aerobic activity provides many benefits including improved cardiorespiratory function, improved endurance, lower blood pressure, and improved cholesterol to name a few. * In addition to aerobic activity, people should perform resistance training to maintain or increase lean muscle mass. As we have learned, maintaining our muscles mass is critical in driving our metabolism andrepparttar 146016 key to losing not just body weight, but body fat. Keep these points in mindrepparttar 146017 next time you hear aboutrepparttar 146018 latest ‘miracle’ or ‘breakthrough’ diet and you will be on your way to losing pounds, and not just your money.

Dave Soucy, Fitness Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer, isrepparttar 146019 owner of Perfect Fit, LLC.

Dave can be reached at (603) 641-8297, via email at, or through Copyright © 2004 Perfect Fit, LLC. All rights reserved.

Dave Soucy, Fitness Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer, is the owner of Perfect Fit, LLC. Dave can be reached at (603) 641-8297, via email at, or through

How To Take Care Of Your Food Allergy?

Written by Novi White

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Can a food allergy be cured? Well, it’s sad to say that food allergy cannot be cured. How do you treat this food allergy then? The only way that can be done is to strictly avoidrepparttar food that can causerepparttar 145886 allergic reactions or symptoms. Don’t forget to readrepparttar 145887 ingredients of food you’ll consume. If there isn’t any, askrepparttar 145888 store staff to explainrepparttar 145889 ingredients. If you still cannot getrepparttar 145890 information, in order to prevent allergic reactions, just find another food which is safe for your body!

If you suddenly getrepparttar 145891 reactions, there are some over-the-counter prescriptions you can use to relieve them. However, it’s of course better for you to consult with your doctor before taking any medications, especially if your food allergy has become worse.

Talking about medicines your food allergy, you can get them for online. Compare some of them throughrepparttar 145892 Internet and ask your doctor which is best for you.

Novi White writes health articles on various publications. She has been working with doctors for their research publications. You can visit her Website at

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