"They Are Stealing Your Visitors With Smart Tags!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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However, this code is useless against these third party developers, in particular, KaZaa, http://www.kazaa.com/.

KaZaa has already been downloaded 5.4 million times from CNET.

BTW, although we did downloadrepparttar software for evaluation in writing this article, our research revealed many people dissatisfied with KaZaa because it is extremely difficult to remove it from your computer.

KaZaa is apparently tapping advertisers to pay for keywords which will cause a link to show up on your web site!

Whenrepparttar 134302 keyword is found, KaZaa links show up with a yellow squiggle underline that appears highlighted when your mouse passes over them on your site.

Unauthorized, and certainly unwanted, links now exist all over your web site because ofrepparttar 134303 use of this technology.

This technology makes it possible for you to link to other web sites that you would never dream of being associated with, possibly even to pornographic web sites or other such unseemly members ofrepparttar 134304 Internet community.

KaZaa is already being brought to task and several merchants and Internet entrepreneurs have either filled suit or plan to do so.

All of these actions come in an effort to stemrepparttar 134305 tide of such intrusive and unauthorized use of web site content, that is copyrighted, and that you have spent your time and hard earned money in order to create.

We will have to wait to see if Microsoft is thrown intorepparttar 134306 mix for having developed this technology strategy inrepparttar 134307 first place.

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Viral Marketing and You!

Written by Rok Hrastnik

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USE OTHER PEOPLE'S PRODUCTS! However, if you can't make your own free ebooks or program, you can use free products from third parties related to your business or product. You can make a list of them and offer it. Make sure, though, that you have a great list. An extensive list of free advertising tools such as ad submitters, FFA sites and classified ad sites might dorepparttar trick.

Remember that anything you offer for free must be useful to your potential customers. It must serve a purpose for them and that they can get something out of your free product.

Create and distribute a useless free product and watch your good reputation go downrepparttar 134301 drain! Create and distribute a useful free product and watch responses soar!

People tell other people what they like. If they like your free viral marketing tool and they tell other people about it, they also tell them about you and your e-business.

THE BONUS! Another way you can use viral marketing to your advantage is by offering a special free bonus on purchase of your product. This is a technique used mostly by affiliates of other people's programs. You offer more than whatrepparttar 134302 company you are promoting offers, making more people buy from you. If you're reselling a program where people are required to place ads, offer them a free training report on how to place ads effectively and a list of advertising sites. People will soon get to know you asrepparttar 134303 person to buy a specific product from since you are offering more thanrepparttar 134304 rest who are promotingrepparttar 134305 same thing.

The possibilities are countless, butrepparttar 134306 bottom line is: if you aren't doing viral marketing to help you promote, you are losing money every day!

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