They're Phishing Your Identity Online

Written by Steve Dimeck

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Message Labs, a security company, reported that they have intercepted more than 18 million phishing emails duringrepparttar course of 2004; a trend that Message Labs expects to continue in 2005.

I spent 3 full weeks putting togetherrepparttar 105797 most in depth report on phishing. The report covers what phishing is, how do hackers use it to steal your financial information, how can you avoid becoming a victim, how can you protect yourself, and even if you've been a victim of an Identity Theft; you have allrepparttar 105798 needed information to stoprepparttar 105799 hackers from ruining your life.

Also, read horror stories fromrepparttar 105800 victims.

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Teachers! Do you want to stop the Cheating?

Written by Rich Brunelle

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If you really want to help your students do not try to catch them cheating, try to prevent them from cheating. And,repparttar best way to prevent them from cheating while making them at least expose their minds torepparttar 105796 material is to ensure they read.

Oh, before you say, ďthat doesnít work with math . . . Yes, it does. Requirerepparttar 105797 student also turn in their scratch sheet with their work. Ifrepparttar 105798 student that has a blank scratch sheet is not able to dorepparttar 105799 same math onrepparttar 105800 white board atrepparttar 105801 front ofrepparttar 105802 class, then you know.

The only time in a personís life to instill in that personrepparttar 105803 need to learn is when they are young. After that, they have already chosenrepparttar 105804 path their life will follow. Teaching is one ofrepparttar 105805 noblest professions, and one ofrepparttar 105806 most difficult. But, I believe Teachers choserepparttar 105807 job out of love for knowledge and children. Keep striving to teach that one student that doesnít seem to get it. And, if you havenít yet tried it, make them read it.

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