There is Attitude and Attitude

Written by Judi Singleton

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The power of a positive attitude is always within your reach. You simply have to extend your hand and grab it.

Now I can give you an example out of my own life. I have been out of work for three weeks now. Today I was offered a job. It is a night shift and it is with a hospice patient. It also does not pay what I want for a wage. But I agreed to dorepparttar work. Why did I agree because I can't see another alternative right now. Now my mind says I have to do this. My attitude is not so good. Now I applied at this agency and I dressed up and went there all confident that I would be given work. When they did that I was not so pleased. What changed my attitude. So what can I do about it. I can changerepparttar 126159 way I think about this assignment and be grateful I have work now. I can also be grateful it is nights giving me my daytime hours to look for other work or to work on my internet business. If I keep thinking what a good opportunity this is and that I probably will meet more people who can help me find another job then within thirty days my attitude will change. I have a choice how I react to life. I am where I am now because of my thinking and I can change my thinking. No one else thinks for me.

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Use Your Emotional Intelligence in All Your Relationships

Written by Susan Dunn, Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Also we have to cope with change and speed. Something needs to be done, and done immediately, likerepparttar kitten inrepparttar 126158 Lowe’s store, and what’s needed is two-sided accountability, that’s all.


On a recent cruise (being a coach, I speak on cruise ships), my sister and I stayed on board when it docked at Cozumel to enjoyrepparttar 126159 pool to ourselves. As we sat poolside, a swarm of bees came aboard. They descended upon one ofrepparttar 126160 loud speakers, and wrapped themselves around it in a dark black cloud. Something about vibrations, my sister said.

My sister lives in San Diego, nearrepparttar 126161 Mexican border, of course, and there are killer bees there. She also knew exactly what to do with them. “Get a vacuum cleaner,” she toldrepparttar 126162 staff and crew who were beginning to appear.

No one listened. They cordoned offrepparttar 126163 area with yellow tape. Others were called. Eventuallyrepparttar 126164 captain appeared.

Fast forward … 45 minutes later a steward was called to bring a vacuum cleaner andrepparttar 126165 bees were vacuumed up.


Are ship captain’s trained to deal with killer bees, or store managers trained to deal with bird infestations?

Think of this withrepparttar 126166 relationships in your life – both at work and at home. Do you treat your administrative assistant like she’s a few notches downrepparttar 126167 ladder from you? Do you treat your teenagers like employees? If so, what’s going to happen when you need their help on something, or they know about something you don’t, and you have to ask. If you set yourself up in this position, you’ll feel uncomfortable asking because you’ll “lose face.”

And if you hold yourself in this exalted position,repparttar 126168 person “beneath you” who knows how to do it, will hold silent, to preserve your ego, or to preserve their job, or to avoid making you “mad” and you will have lost.

Whichever way you look at it working partnerships and joint accountability are far more productive than hierarchical relationships.


One last example. When my son was 13 years old, we were riding inrepparttar 126169 car and I got stopped by a policeman. My son started talkingrepparttar 126170 minute I was pulled over and I turned around and told him to be quiet. I wanted to be able to think.

The policeman checked my license and then looked at my inspection sticker and said it was out-of-date. My son started to try to speak again, and I motioned him to be quiet.

The end ofrepparttar 126171 story … underrepparttar 126172 pressure ofrepparttar 126173 situation, it being February,repparttar 126174 policeman was readingrepparttar 126175 wrong date onrepparttar 126176 inspection sticker, and it actually WAS up-to-date. Finally when I “let” my son speak, he told us both this. He wasn’t afraid to make us both look like … well, likerepparttar 126177 two confused adult people we were.

Use your emotional intelligence and allow everyone around yourepparttar 126178 space to contribute. It’s a win-win situation.

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