There's more to Burton on Trent than just beer! - Part 1

Written by Chris Towland

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The Clay Oven on New Street is another Indian Restaurant worthy of note. It is a licensed restaurant butrepparttar staff also seem happy for you to take your own drinks. Ideal if your party includes some who prefer a draught pint of lager and others that want to keeprepparttar 143344 cost down and bring their own. The wine list is also pretty good at The Clay Oven including several very drinkable bottles around 7 which in my experience is a very good price for a bottle of wine in a restaurant. If you're visitingrepparttar 143345 Clay Oven duringrepparttar 143346 week, take a look at their 'Meal Deal' which for less than 8 gets you popadoms and pickles, a starter of your choice, a curry of your choice along with rice or nan bread and even a coffee and mints thrown in for good measure. Excellent value and excellent food too!

Other Burton curry houses worthy of a visit include George's on Station Street, Bilash Spice in Stretton, Spice of Asia on Station Street and Mombai Blue onrepparttar 143347 A38 towards Willington.

Article two in this series will continue to look atrepparttar 143348 other options for food in Burton-on-Trent but inrepparttar 143349 meantime, take a look atrepparttar 143350 online guide to food, drink and entertainment in Burton which also includes a frequently updated 'What's On' section and special offers from numerous Burton restaurants. It can be found at

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Wind Chimes Soothe The Soul

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Some Ways To Enjoy Your Wind Chime:

Hang it near your hammock and take a soothing nap torepparttar melodic tones of your chime. Plant some flowers while listening torepparttar 143316 music of your wind chime. Bring dinner outside and have a romantic supper while listening to your chime. Set your chimes up in your bedroom window so that you can hear them whenrepparttar 143317 breeze wafts through on a hot summers evening. Put some chimes in your office and to help releaserepparttar 143318 stress ofrepparttar 143319 workday. Hang your wind chime by your door so that you can hear it first thing upon arriving home.

Find out more about soothing wind chimes at

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