There's No Free Lunch!

Written by John Colanzi

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Get some grit.

Stiffen your backbone.

Get out there and take some risks.

Birds of a feather may flock together, butrepparttar brave eagle soars alone.

Find something that will put a spring in your step. Something that makes you want to hop out of bed inrepparttar 117559 morning and start slaying some dragons.

Get fired up.

Even little Tommy Turtle knows if he wants to move forward, he has to stick his neck out.

Forgetrepparttar 117560 free lunch and start sticking your neck out. You may get hit onrepparttar 117561 chin a few times, but you'll know you're alive.

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"Bridging the Gap": Don't Forget Your Core Customers!

Written by Donna Schwartz Mills

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At my website, , I have other tools I use to assess my visitors' interests and needs. One is our weblog, which offers detailed reports on which pages arerepparttar most popular and how long visitors view them.

Another is our library of 100 free eBooks. By loggingrepparttar 117558 ones which are downloadedrepparttar 117559 most often, I've gleaned a wealth of information onrepparttar 117560 interests of my visitors.

Up until I started tracking, I assumed that our business offerings would berepparttar 117561 most popular with my audience of work at home parents (mostly moms). However, *the* most popular eBook inrepparttar 117562 Library has nothing to do with making money or running a home business: It's called "Healthy Living for a Busy Family" and it's been downloaded about three times as often as my most popular business eBook. Those stats led me to add more family and lifestyle topics torepparttar 117563 library, as well as a couple of new cooking pages -- because managing a household and raising healthy kids is as much a concern for my visitors as making a solid profit.

Finally, nothing is as good as actually *asking* your customers what they want. Surveys are an extremely useful tool and several companies offer versions you can place on your website for free. The one we've used is located here:

Millard Drexler -- whose vision helped makerepparttar 117564 Gaprepparttar 117565 nation's number one apparel retailer -- is staying on withrepparttar 117566 company until a replacement is found. Inrepparttar 117567 meantime,repparttar 117568 Gap's new old strategy of selling basics (jeans, khakis and white shirts) combined with an ad campaign that includes Boomer icon Dennis Hopper, appears to be working. It's just too bad these guys didn't ask their customers what they wanted before changing their course. Let's hope we home business folk don't makerepparttar 117569 same mistake!

Donna Schwartz Mills writes about the specific needs of work at home parents at her website, "For Parents Who Want Choices, Not Office Politics." Tools, free tips and support to help grow your home based business while raising a family. For more articles like this one, visit Donna's other site,

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