There's Gold in Your Website's Server Log

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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The fact is, you can't design your website to be 100 percent compatible with every operating system and web browser in use today. That would require either using only plain html (version 3) or using browser detection code and creating a dozen variations of each webpage. Use your server log's platform and user agent data to decide which browser your web pages should to be designed to be compatible with. Your statistics will probably show that 90 percent of your website's visitors are usingrepparttar latest orrepparttar 131691 previous version of Internet Explorer.

Country Information

Good server log analysis software will tell you which countries your website visitors are located in. Analysis ofrepparttar 131692 server logs shows that visitors are located in every country, village, and hamlet onrepparttar 131693 planet. This leads torepparttar 131694 question, should you create multiple variations of each webpage to accomodate visitors from other nations? It depends upon your business and your resources. The fact is thatrepparttar 131695 language of business and commerce acrossrepparttar 131696 planet is English, and I receive frequent email, in English, from all overrepparttar 131697 planet.

Important Ways to Use Server Log Information

Website Design

Remember whenrepparttar 131698 typical website had a gray background and a single image inrepparttar 131699 middle ofrepparttar 131700 page? Today, that would be belowrepparttar 131701 standard for a kids website on AOL. Does your server log "platform" and "user agent" statistics tell you that most ofrepparttar 131702 visitors to your website are using Windows XP with Internet Explorer Version 6, while your website is designed for Windows 95 and Internet Explorer Version 4? Can you afford to be presenting a website that looks outdated?

I think it's a mistake to design a website that requires your visitors to haverepparttar 131703 latest bleeding-edge technology. Onrepparttar 131704 other hand, ifrepparttar 131705 rest ofrepparttar 131706 web is using ASP (Active Server Pages) to generate custom webpages on-the-fly that use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create webpages that resemble slick magazine pages and DHTML (Dynamic HTML) to provide interactivity, it might be time for you to investigate those technologies.

If your website is a business site or E-commerce site,repparttar 131707 visual style and technical level of your website reflectsrepparttar 131708 quality of your business or service. To determinerepparttar 131709 proper visual style and technology level of your website requires you to monitor three things.

1. Your competitors. You want to look as in-style as they do, but avoid following them downrepparttar 131710 road to bloated plugins (Macromedia Flash). 2. The portion of your audience using broad band Internet Access. Less than half of U.S. Make sure your webpages load within 20 seconds over a 56kbps modem connection. 2. Your server log platform and user agent statistics. Your web pages need to be designed to be compatible withrepparttar 131711 current most popular operating system and web browser version.

Webhost Performance

Web hosts provide two basic kinds of service, shared hosting and dedicated hosting. If your website is on a shared host, there may be hundreds of other websites sharingrepparttar 131712 same computer as your website. This limitsrepparttar 131713 performance of your website. Many web host providers use "bandwidth throttling" to prevent one website from hogging allrepparttar 131714 available bandwidth.

As your website grows and attracts increasing traffic, it will need more ofrepparttar 131715 host computers processor time and more bandwidth. Monitor your server log hits, and bandwidth statistics. At some point, your website may hit a performance wall and you may need to move to a higher grade of hosting, or a different web host company to continue growth.

When moving to a different web host company, don't trustrepparttar 131716 specifications they provide. Check several different web host directories that let visitors rate web hosts. If several different web host directories have many users that give a web host company a high rating, that'srepparttar 131717 company you want to trust with your website.

Website Topic

As you analyze certain website server statistics (for example, "page view hits", and "top search engine keywords") and make adjustments, you may findrepparttar 131718 content of your website drifting away from your original intent. At some point, you may have to decide, Am I going to chase traffic and changerepparttar 131719 topic of my website, or am I more interested in focusing onrepparttar 131720 topic of my choice?

Ifrepparttar 131721 original objective of your website was to make money above all else, then let your visitors steer your website's content. There's nothing wrong with that. Everybody's got to make a living. But, ifrepparttar 131722 original objective of your website was to be a resource on a subject that you are passionate about, then you may need to reassessrepparttar 131723 content of your website.

I would reccommend havingrepparttar 131724 best of both worlds. Stick to content related torepparttar 131725 subject of your website, but delineate a wide enough scope ofrepparttar 131726 topic so that when your server statistics point out an opportunity to increase traffic, you have rules to guide you.

In this article you learned some ofrepparttar 131727 types of information you can mine from your web server log and some powerful ways to use that information to steer your website in a direction for growth and success. If you are one of those webmasters who has never bothered to view their website's server log, you now know that you have been overlooking some gold nuggets.

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Up the Sandbox!

Written by Keith Thompson

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Since we don't know, can't know, will not know for sure untilrepparttar Google Gods unlockrepparttar 131689 keys torepparttar 131690 kingdom and enlighten us; it only makes sense to this webmaster to get on with life. I've got new sites waiting, as do many. We all languish at PR0 until (or if) there's another update. Some sites get picked up quicker than others, and to some extent that is a measure of SEO. However just get over it! Since there's nothing concrete we can do except build great content sites with lots of relevant links (legitimate) why worry about any sandbox?!? Don't get your knickers in a knot! Write more content, articles, and get more sites to link to you because ofrepparttar 131691 worth of your site. There are other sources of traffic, go get them! Dorepparttar 131692 right thing for your business. Spend time on it, not worrying about this.

Many ofrepparttar 131693 leading voices in SEO agree that there may indeed be a "sandbox", and if there is, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. You don't want some farmer (link) ranking ahead of your carefully crafted content site, do you? Of course not! One thing is sure: if there is a sandbox, it belongs to Google and if you want to play, followrepparttar 131694 rules and don't cry! Pay or play!

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