Theft of Services

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Another problem is that you can be quite sure that someone will report you to "Spam Cop", who in turn places a complaint with your ISP. Spam Cop may not checkrepparttar validity of a complaint prior to notifying your ISP, which I feel is unconscionable on their part. Unfortunately, if they do forwardrepparttar 132796 complaint to your ISP, you will have to defend yourself. That is why you should immediately notify your ISP if this happens. If you have a copy ofrepparttar 132797 spam, be sure to send it along with your notification, and also save a copy in case it is needed later.

The second major problem a spammer can cause, is to steal an image from your web site that they use in their email. If they send their email in HTML format, and many do, they can actually link to an image on your web site. They are in effect stealing your bandwidth. Many web servers have bandwidth limits, which limitrepparttar 132798 amount of information you can send and receive each month. If you exceed that limit, you could be liable for additional charges from your web space provider.

If they do this to you, your only recourse is to changerepparttar 132799 name ofrepparttar 132800 image, displayed on your web site that they are stealing. Another effective step is to replacerepparttar 132801 original image that they are using. Replace it with a notification thatrepparttar 132802 sender ofrepparttar 132803 email has stolenrepparttar 132804 image from you, and advise anyone who receives it not to do business with them. Once you do this, anyone who receives their spam will receive your warning.

When you get down torepparttar 132805 bottom line, even people who send out emails with forged addresses are stealing. If you receive hundreds of spam emails a day with no way to have your name removed from their list, they are using your resources without your permission. You then have to sort through all this "junk mail" to find your legitimate email.

Theft of services is a serious problem. Unfortunately, it appears thatrepparttar 132806 only solution will be through legislation making it illegal, and provide severe punishments forrepparttar 132807 guilty parties.

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Spamming The Internet ...Are YOU the next Vicitim?

Written by Debbie Solomon

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People who do post to FFA LINKS will never read allrepparttar junk mail in their in-box, they just delete it. So what isrepparttar 132794 point? It is like a cat and mouse game that will never end. So, is that what you really want? Because it does not stop there. Your email address is added to spam databases, and posted to opt-in mailing lists (real "opt-in", huh?). NOW, your email address is a pawn for spammers. Every piece of software for harvesting email addresses will grab yours, and now your email address is for sale everywhere.

Do yourself a favor.... There are so many ways to do productive advertising. Stay away from FFA LINKS. You will make NO money, and you will be a VICTIM of constant SPAM. You will NEVER see a successful business entrepreneur posting to FFA Sites. Ask them where to advertise, they will tell you.

When I was a newbie, I submitted to every FFA link I could find. Gee, submitting your link to hundreds of thousands of possible clients? And for FREE? How could you go wrong? It was SO easy!

I would wake uprepparttar 132795 next morning with hundreds of emails in my box. In my opinion, YES< it is SPAM! Because I DO NOT WANT THEM! I posted to an FFA LINK page, that is all. I HAD to agree to receive some emails, but not HUNDREDS!!! That wasrepparttar 132796 only way to get my link onrepparttar 132797 page! I was in for a rude awakening. Not one thread of business came through and I could not decipher what was JUNK MAIL, and what was business.

I literally had to get another email account. I do not touch FFA Pages, and I get an average of a few spam mails a day. Everything else is business. I love it! I will never totally get rid of spam. In fact, now it is a pleasure, because I just reply with my AD. Anyone who does business online is guaranteed to receive some. But if you want to get rid ofrepparttar 132798 hundreds of emails in your box, then STOP POSTING TO FFA Pages! They are, in fact,repparttar 132799 biggest culprit of SPAM.

Most successful businesses have learned to stay away from FFA Pages. These practices are not part of a successful business. They are part of a desperate ploy to make money without spending any.

Now, not everyone will agree with what I am saying, however,repparttar 132800 facts are in front of you. You decide whether you want to deal with allrepparttar 132801 junk mail. I, for one, can say that it is a pleasure doing business online, now that I do not have to wake up to hundreds of spammers.

You can save yourself a lot of headaches by NOT falling VICTIM to SPAMMERS!

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