The wrong kind of waiting: what the film Clockwatchers can teach us

Written by Cathy Goodwin, MBA, PhD

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Change comes about not by drama but by small events that have significance only inrepparttar context of an office world. People report thefts of coffee money and clothing. What is significant is Iris's response when she realizes her umbrella and her notebook were stolen. Iris refuses to play victim. She confrontsrepparttar 131125 thief over lunch and silently but dramatically makes her point. The thief gives Iris a new notebook inscribed with an apology. As Iris feels stronger, she wears her hair differently and, at last, wearsrepparttar 131126 power suit her father gave her for job interviews. The film ends ambiguously, but we sense that Iris was transformed. She has usedrepparttar 131127 box as a temporary comfort zone to build her confidence and test new behaviors. She waited creatively till she was ready to move. She has observed and learned; while her coworkers twirled idly in their chairs or played games with rubber bands, she kept a journal. And now, we sense, she is ready to leaverepparttar 131128 box behind. I won't give you details ofrepparttar 131129 final scene. Iris uses her new-found power to defyrepparttar 131130 corporation and help a friend. She turnsrepparttar 131131 firm's own refusal to acknowledge her into a source of strength. It's believable and strong and well worth a viewing.

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Ten Ways To Get A Life You Can Live With

Written by Suzann Foerster

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6. Be Aware and Present to Your Life

The more you noticerepparttar process of liferepparttar 131122 more likely you are to appreciate it. This means slowing down and enjoyingrepparttar 131123 unfolding of your life and recognizingrepparttar 131124 deeper meaning of each event. Stop running from task to task and ask yourself, 'is this what I really want to do?'

7. Surround Yourself With Supportive People and Environments

Enrich your life by surrounding yourself with people that accept you as you are and support who you are. Also, make sure that your home and work environments are comfortable and bring out your best.

8. Observe Without Judging

Judgment is often a way to shield, protect or promote ourselves. Seerepparttar 131125 world and those in it as doingrepparttar 131126 best that they can, even if itís different fromrepparttar 131127 way you would like it to be. Change your language from making someone 'wrong' to just being 'different'. Accepting what is without judgment frees up tons of energy.

9. Honor Your Spirit Through Intuition and Faith

Honorrepparttar 131128 fact that you are a spiritual being having a human experience; know that everything happens for a reason and to trustrepparttar 131129 spirit within you. Having faith in your higher purpose will give you a quiet confidence that calms and assures.

10. Celebrate and Have Fun!

Take an inventory of all your accomplishments, everything you are proud of in your life. Compliment yourself for your gifts, strengths and talents; compliment others forrepparttar 131130 same. Treat yourself daily to honor allrepparttar 131131 wonderful aspects of you and your life.

Take action today towards buildingrepparttar 131132 satisfying life you deserve!

Suzann Foerster is the owner of Accelerated Solutions, a business and leadership coaching firm. Accelerated Solutions partners with business leaders and teams to maximize their performance through innovative coaching and developmental practices. Suzann is dedicated to empowering businesses, teams and leaders with the skills and action steps for personal and professional success.

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